time zone for US


It seems that the time zone night bonus is always set for the east coast, how about the making the next world set on the west coast or one in the middle. FYI there are 74million people between Pacific Standard Time Zone and Mountain Standard Time Zone, that should be enough for at least one server, no? Besides those in the east will probably stay up an hour or two but no one wants to get up early to start attacking, they will do it, but no one wants to.

Any chance of that happening? Cheers


The biggest problem with an east coast time zone NB is how it carries over. For example, A west coast player is in Night Bonus from 9pm to 5am, which for the average person would screw them over on playing in the evening and then screw them over again with not being protected super early in the morning.

There is no perfect fix, but central or mountain time NB would be much fairer (Probably central time, since there are a few more players in the eastern half of the country)

Central Time based NB would be....

East Coast: 1am - 9am
Central: 12am - 8am
Mountain: 11pm - 7am
West Coast: 10pm - 6am

Again, it's still not perfect, but much more conducive to playing grepolis as a west coaster.


The distribution of the population is something like:
EC: 47%
Central: 33%
MT: 5%
West Coast: 15%

So the weighted average is basically Central Time. An hour nearer would make a huge difference to the West Coast. 6 am attacks are ok, 5 am not fun and the extra hour play in the evening... So yeah CT in general or the odd specific WC world would be great.