Theta Milestone

King Leo II

Guys if you want a milestone added please write it here, i don't check Theta anymore, so i won't update it all the time :)

mr godsword

50 cities davimor 500k points Beerme
For 125k and 250k ABP you could say someone from Sin. or TR, same with the dbp 250k, although there is a possibility it might be exit but I'm not sure.
500k FBP most likely ourbrian as he has over 700k and the runner up is around 500k
500 or 1,000 towns, either TR or TS
5 million points TR, 10 million points will be TS shortly
TR first to 1m ABP as well as first to 2 and 5 fbp

And that's all that needs updating I believe
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mr godsword

Leo will, he's not as active as he used to be but he'll come around to it eventually. My guess of when he'll post here next saying that he has updated it (assuming he will post and not leave me hangin ;-) ) 9-2 at the time of 10:49:21 exactly

King David II

striker was first to 1 million points before he handed off a bunch of cities, ourbrain was the first to 1 million bp, WinterD1966 was the first to 100 points (simmer) and I think that is it