The Winter Hegemony


The Hegemony is a good old-fashioned Military Dictatorship with a Hegemon as the dictator. However, while he's the dictator his personal style is to be of the "enlightened" variety (as in the kind who listens to those around him, is a team player, etc).

As for structure type, it's a one-man dictatorship with a Court of Ministers and Generals with no real power but with great responsibilities (for example, Generals may not be "Leaders" but they do have to lead in War as well as Peace, making sure everyone's met the daily quota).

The goal is kinda common: World Domination by any means necessary! For now, the goal is to dominate the East of Ocean 45 and the West of 55. And build on from there.

So far I have 35 players active, minimum 1000 points maximum 2100.

Every couple of days there is a roll call to test who's around (and also to warn ahead if one member is going to be inactive at some point).

I like to encourage everyone to pitch in their thoughts whenever possible so I know what their best interests are (after I can't hear what you don't say!).

Below is the cut-and-pasted profile to give you a brief.


And so the Winter had ruled, for a thousand years the Long Winter had lasted under the Supreme Ancestor, the Hegemon Izmenti Zima and all his progeny, from the English Channel to the Sea of Japan, the Northern world was his, from his mighty capital in the Siberian East: Winterheim

And so our Hegemony shall unify the 45th Ocean by any means, join me to fulfill this ambition and make yourself more powerful than any other.

For all others, stand by me as an ally and we will accomplish this together, appose me and you will be utterly annihilated.

Do nothing to us and we will do nothing to you.

Status (Recruitment): Open (Ocean 45,55 1000 points or more)--If you aren't 1000 then you'll have to make it up to 1000 by 24 hours of joining!

Status (Alliance Pacts) : Open

Status (Non-Agression Pacts) : Open
Whether they're NAPs, Alliance Pacts, or Coalitions, I will not accept them blindly. Therefore if you want us in a NAP or alliance pact, you will have to speak with the Hegemon personally.

Asylum Status: Limited

Now that the Hegemony is a world power, I am willing to include the members of a beaten alliance, or those alliances in need of help, into my Hegemony. If you need Asylum as one player, simply offer to join me and tell me who is bothering you, if your alliance needs assistance, tell me the whole situation and I will determine if we are close enough to be of real support.

Founder and Hegemon: [player]Alois Val Zima[/player]

For Diplomacy:[player]Coltinwalken12[/player], [player]Kuvani[/player]

For Recruitment:[player]Coltinwalken12[/player], [player]Gilva[/player]

For Asylum: [player]Alois Val Zima[/player]

For War: [player]Alois Val Zima[/player], [player]Gilva[/player]
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