The War of Ephesus


Seems like this place has died out.

Can we get some excitement !?

Ok, let me fill you in on some things. First off. It all started on Easter when the top two alliances. Enigma and TheGang went to war. It all started when Toxicity fell. The war between Toxicity and The Gang was quite amazing. At first, Toxicity was winning soon The Gang took the throne and finally out powered Toxicity. When Toxicity fell, many of their players left. A few of them went to The Gang but almost all went to The Gangs pact Enigma. Now, most players would be upset, and I assure you, we were. Hey, but they were our pact, we couldn't just decide to go to war with them. Then came the war between The Legion and The Gang, everybody knew who was going to win that war with The Gang taking about 50 cities and The Legion taking zero. After they fell, guess where most of them ran off to ?
Yes, Enigma, now you see....The Gang and Enigma had an agreement. Enigma stays in o45 and The Gang stays in o55, o54, and o44 ( We were much bigger then them ). Well, where Toxicity players were who recently joined Enigma were all located in o54 and o44. They crowded us all and went to the one alliance we couldn't attack. Finally, arguments were breaking out because attacks were coming from ex ToX players who would attack us then join Enigma. Keep this in mind that we wee never told that Enigma had a 24hr refugee rule. Anyways. After a while they were practically recruiting all our enemies enemies and not taking no for an answer. Finally, a thread was made since everybody had a lot of tension between each other and this thread would let everybody release their thoughts without arguing.
Well, arguing broke out and the thread was deleted. 2 days passed without anybody saying anything. Finally, the day came where we all received a message stating that war would be declared on Sunday, Easter Day where most of their players would celebrate Easter and be unaware of their cities being attacked. When that day hit, another message was sent out saying to attack. Well, we surprise attacked Enigma and finally the war had began. So far The Gang has been eliminating Enigma very well. Seeing how they had 110 players before the war and only now have 89 players.

Thanks for reading

For all you other alliances, if Enigma and The Gang weren't at war, you would be conquered. Keep that in mind.


I wouldnt even call The Plague vs Zombieland war a war at all, more like slap boxing. You want a real war, join the Enigma vs The Gang war.


No I left made a massive mistake to early and Delphi got much more intresting