The Snakes of Wrath


Hey guys I just created a new alliance coming from Eden and many other alliances and I didn't like how Eden was going most likely they will be crushed by the thumb of Ace of Hearts. So I created a new alliance called the Snakes of Wrath to get a more organized and better alliance. I hope anyone that doesn't like their alliance will want to join me and the other people that are coming to it soon.


Well, that was all fine and good Z, except you slunk out like everyone else did, unfortunately. And I haven't seen any one who still counts himself a member there in 2 full days. Oh, yeah, Monte left, after you left, zach. So we're down to 3, counting myself, plus one new recruit. We're no long anything remotely resembling snakes, by the way. Even though I really liked my name The Snakes of Wrath, I was afraid it would put a bullet right between our foreheads (or a javelin). For a few hours I changed us to Fuzzy Bunnies, hoping no one would see us as any kind of threat any longer. But then I got sick of that and finally came up with something that was subtle but has a lot of symbolism. Acantha's Pride. Plus it is Greek based. If anyone goes to Knossos and looks at our profile maybe you can come up with some of the meanings. There's two or three.

But, by any name, we are just hanging on by a thread . It might be tomorrow or the next day. We'll see. Though I did get us a better pact today. But you erstwhile members probably wouldn't approve of it anyway. So, I won't mention them. But since I'm on my own, they might be the only thing left standing between me and the Rim.

P.S. I really need to get me a new sig. outfit. This one V V V V V V V is really out of date.


Thank you, kyle and Djarv1. Well, to close the book which begins with the Vipers and then morps into a remnant of them called Snakes of Wrath, I have to tell you how we ended, and it was not pretty. The new recruit was advised to find a another alliance for his own health (dear ole fred, I remember him well). I waited another full day for my two last alliance members to come back after sending them PMs that I was going to dissolve the alliance at such and such a time late that day. Slam (Slamdini) had been run off because PescadoGrande had admired his base city and became a very hungry fish indeed. Well, he gobbled that very lovely 7000+ pnt city right up! Then he named his new city "Hey Mar". (This was once one of my good Viper friends!) But I didn't take it so friendly that he ran off my "still" alliance member and long time island mate! But Pesce apparently thought it was amusing. OGkillaDee just faded off and never returned (he only had a tiny city near me, his main city down south in O54 had probably been stripped from him, probably by Aces of Heart alliance.

So, it ended with me. Last of the Vipers/Snakes of Wrath, et al. I am now floating around a free agent, from alliance to alliance. Haven't found one worth having. I'm sure I'll try a few more before I'm done. Maybe I'll end up in one of your alliances. lol

(P.S. Good to see you back around, kyle.)