The Secret Society - The tale of a deceit and lies


Perform a Major Sabotage (with leader rights, kick out every member): PersianKing


Actually their was two alliances, the NWO and their academy. Both go hand in hand. Most players find it highly unethical to do such things. If you weren't happy then you should have just sucked it up and left. Not ruined a entire alliance, leaving others to pick up the pieces for you.

On a side note, your welcome for protecting your members / bringing you peace.

DochHoliday today at 12:57
Dear Darkenshroud,

We appreciate your diplomatic message, and your choice to resolve this peacefully. We are not an aggressive alliance, nor do we plan on picking fights with active alliances in our area. As for this player jakko, he was attaking our player eieio, while he was in the alliance "the stoners" in ocean 36. This alliance recently joined us, and the attacks continued. our alliance policy states attacks on our players is indeed an act of war. While we have decided against engaging in a war against BT, we will continue to attack jakko, IF he continues his attacks on eieio. If the attacks stop I promise you the attacks on jakko will stop. I do not think a guild war would be in any of our best interests. Thus, we wouldn't be opposed to avoiding one. Please get back to me as soon as possible so we can resolve this issue

Issue resolved, their will be peace.

DarkenShroud today at 16:57
now that means alot to a guy like me, thanks for the kind words brother
hokie1995 today at 16:56
You do make a great general.

Kariella on 2013-06-22 at 22:31

and you should be in leadership, your a natural and you put in the time and work anyway...

Theirs more, but I'm sure you get the point. You earn leadership, not just assume you get it because you found a alliance and send out mass invites. Your a good recruiter, but again your leadership leaves alot to be desired. Our actions define who we are, and how well were respected. Words mean little, unless you show you can back them up.
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lol Maybe that founder figured that his alliance would never bother to help him unless he pretended that you hit him first. Nice to know how an alliance leader will lie in his member's faces just to get support, shows the lack of respect he has for them and there intelligence ;)
Actually I have nothing more than respect for my alliance. Also, I did not lie. I based my response on the Intel provided to me at the time by Rojeme and she suddenly went rogue. Nevertheless, we are both fighting on the right side of the road side by side.


Indeed. Now we can put that past us, and focus on the true enemy :D