The Redwoods


The Redwoods (Ocean 44)

Help populate the North West with me.

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Background on me:
I've played in a few worlds. Most prominently in Mu where I founded "The Raptors." They were #1 in points and OBP for a while. I left the world. They merged into Band of Brothers. BoB should win Mu.

I plan to massively recruit initially (external forum pundits, if that scares you off, so be it), and liberally cut the inactive players. By inactive I mean players who do not live up to the standards of growing, attacking, posting, and generally being useful to the alliance. The two main attributes of the alliance will be activity and aggressive capacity.

I have no qualms with new players as long as you are active and learning. Everyone started somewhere, activity cannot be taught, but the game can.
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Hey good luck! cough* you will do fine cough*. We might have to got to the doctors for all these coughs :D


I'd say this was a success also. They seem to be dominating up north. Good luck.
Haha. Dominating isn't the word I'd use. O44 is filled with alliances, some good, mostly bad, but we shall see. They could very well come out on top there. Who knows.


Agreed. I wouldn't use dominating either. Still very competitive in the North.
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I would just like to point out that no alliance is a success as of yet, world is still way to early and we will be lucky if more than one of these alliances make it to world wonders


Yep, Rclay that is completely correct. A while from now the alliances left will be ACE OF HEARTS and Vipers ;), lol... maybe


No offense to you kylehob which I forgot to include but his comments and unnecessary feedback will come to haunt him.