The Red Rose


This game is not too simple the further you get into it. It demands time, hard work, and Orginization. This game is Based off Teamwork, That is what you will need to dominate a world.
Teamwork? We're good..... What's that? I think he left before ridicule.... : @


I have a question. When I make a revolt, the city becomes ghost?

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no, but in the first 12 hours its the same, in the 12 after,, if a cs lands it's the attacker's city, and after it is normal. a ghost town is what happens if someone is inactive for weeks.

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Hellow every bady, Y am knew In these foro, Y not spik inglish veri uell, cause y am a noob...y will tri to perfection mi inglish and to jave same god battles :D