The Rabid Puppies?


So, I'm at work and my phone app alarm goes off. *sigh* I've got a meeting in 2 hours and I'm scrambling to finish my portion of the agenda. Logged in, looked at what was happening - attacks with support following, blah, blah, blah. I check my PM inbox; there is a message from mflip234 asking for birs at a siege on EOTT. I reply, "nope, can't do that for you - I have incoming attacks." (I'm assuming that it was EOTT attacking me, as I have recently rid myself of Petrika :) and am pretty much on my own in their territory.) I get a reply from mflip asking who is attacking me, so I just quickly send him the reports. (Yes, we've been talking lately and I am sure you can guess what the subject is.) Anyway, I roll with standard backsnipe procedure. I'm not going to lie, I missed it. Activated militia after the clearings and the CS bounced; it had a total of 80 slingers with it, that was all. I glanced at the report, laughed and quickly sent it to a couple people that I know would enjoy seeing it - including mflip. I take a few minutes to proof read what I've been working on at my job and email it out to my boss. Then, I get back into Grep. This is when I realized, :eek: the whole time it was The Rabid Puppies attacking me. LOL. I've been sending him the reports and trash talking the attacks and it has been his alliance attacking me the whole time!!! LOL.


PS - Nice trick asking for the birs, mflip234!!! Unfortunately, for you, I refuse to get punked into joining alliances, lol.

mflip234 today at 14:37
oh i was amused
Siren13 today at 14:18
I am freakin' dying of laughter right now, seriously. Tell him to send the CS again - I'll be out of the office for a bit.
Siren13 today at 14:04
Omg, it's you guys!!! LOL LOL LOL. I'm at work and I just noticed. CLASSIC
Siren13 today at 13:57
Nevermind...he's bad. LOL


so you thought that was a trick lol. you obviously do not know what a dog is all about. you have obviously been misinformed lol.