The Oceans of ETA

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I know in the past we have done sink or float and top 12 threads, but I'd like to try and extend this further. There is yet one more angle we can look at ETA, by oceans.

Here I would like to discuss all the relevant events in each oceans.

Ocean 52
The Illuminati alliance seems to have the upper hand here with 41 cities and an a average points of 2624. The next closest alliance with only ten 10 cities in the ocean, Crape Diem. They boast 2175 average pints. The Illuminati sit number 17 over all alliances. Not bad for late comers.

Ocean 62, 33, 73, 36,76, 67
Not much is to be said abut these oceans since only a 3rd of each respective ocean has cities at all on it. These Oceans will only directly affect the neighboring oceans. It would be nice to control on of these. Then you'd know no one could come at you from behind.

Ocean 43
Divina Legio Roma holds the city number advantage with 29 to Carpe Diem, parabolis, and Thieves World. They are all tied up with 18-19 cities. Blood ravens in 5th place in the ocean holds the highest average point value with only 9 total cities. It seems this ocean will have great trouble producing a soul victor. A wise leader would see such trouble as an opportunity to create a larger centralized alliance from a collection of smaller alliances.

Ocean 53
Here the Blood Ravens show their strength with 60 cities boasting an average of 2968 points. Maybe they can show ocean 43 how to handle business. Then again, an up rising student may be Sons of Liberty with 22 cities holding an average of 2854 points. I wonder what the relationship these two have? Blood Ravens are the number eight over all points alliance and come in at 10 in ABPs.

Ocean 63
Now things are starting to get interesting. In this ocean we see two powers struggling to hold a minor advantage over the other. Will there be a violent war ending in blood shed while producing a weaken victor? Yet still, could there be an unknown force that arises shedding light on friendship and unity creating a power house? It will be interesting to see what affect this ocean has on the center of the map months from now.

Ocean 44
Already, The Union's reach can be felt in this ocean. They hold a slight over all point advantage with only 16 cities at an average of 4078 points. Angels of Death, All In, Fury, and The Titans account for the 2-5 spot respectively. Once again we see an ocean controlled on its borders rather than through its seas. If someone would have a chance at causing pain to the The Union, it would be in an Ocean similar to this one.

Ocean 54
What the Middle East is to planet Earth this ocean is to ETA. War has stricken this land since seemingly the dawn of ETA itself. Waring between Wolfknives, the fourth in ABPs and third in alliance total points, and the The Silence, once famous to now number 20 in overall points. Later, they proved to put their differences aside and face off against the number one over all point holder and second in ABPs, The Union. Now, a misunderstanding has split the Silence into two groups; The Silence and Not Alone. Not Alone seems to have gained the stronger more active half with 30 cities to the Silences 29 and 4014 to 3753 average points. Standing above both and seemingly friendly to both are the Wolfknives with 77 cities and 3745 average points. What does the future hold for an ocean that shimmers slightly crimson? More war, or peace at last? Also will Not Alone prove to rise to the once famous place The Silence held?

Ocean 64
Paving the way for ocean control is the number one attacking alliance and second in overall points in ETA, Rising Shadows. They bolster an impressive 106 cities and 3781 average points with 32 of the top 40 players in the ocean belong directly to Rising Shadows. The closest runner up is Rising Shadows' academy, Shadow Priora with 23 cities just breaking 2226 average points. Legend has it Rising Shadow doesn't take kindly to outsiders. With a 106 cities how much longer will ocean 64 contain them and to what ocean will they pour into next? It will be interesting to see if, when, and how well they move to another ocean.

Ocean 74
It seems the news of how to control an ocean travels faster east than west with the number four points holder and fifth in ABPs in ETA, The Syndicate and The Syndicate Academy pulling down the number one and two spots in this ocean. It will be interesting to see how they chose to impact the end game. Are they too far removed from the center of the map to make a difference? The Syndicate show up with 38 cities pulling in 3422 average points. Their academy shows 18 cities at 2395 average points.

Ocean 35
This ocean seems split and well behind the center of the map. Anomaly sits in first with 38 cities and 2465 average points. Thugs of Greece round up second with 32 cities and 2111 average points. I wonder if these two know the other exist. 32+38= 70 leaving 20 to weed out the inactive players..... seems to me the two need to go on a date and get married to have a shot at relevance come time for the Age of Wonders.

Ocean 45
A classic struggle of quantity verse quality. Which side will prove the victor? The side of quantity is held by the number one seed with 52 cities at 2831 average points. However, quality is held by ALL IN with 32 cities and 3359 average points. Oh but wait the story is not done yet. Once again The Union show sizable presence in the number four spot just behind Grim.

Ocean 55
Ah, how many licks did it take me to get here? What else could be expected from the center of the map than the number one point holder in ETA? The Union and it's academy are holding down the number one and two spots in the ocean. Additionally, the academy happens to have clawed its way to the number twelve spot in overall points. This begs the question, are you really fighting an alliance and its academy or one large super alliance? The Union flexes it muscles with 98 cities at 3840 average points. It's academy holds 28 cities at 3655 average points. However, 15 out of the top 40 players in this ocean are not in The Union Family with another 4 belonging to the academy. Is this a concern?

Ocean 65
An ocean of shifting sands carried by winds that whisper truths and lies all in the same breath. Two power houses control these waters. Holding down the lead is Spartacus with 49 cities at 3299 average points. Pulling up close in second is Nazgul Elite with 41 cities with an average of 3219. If these two join, either in a merge or a pact sharing war plans, The Union and/or Rising Shadows could find themselves in a world of hurt. Once again, the Sons of Liberty makes an appearance at number three, but aren't you well removed from home? When will the winds fall still and how will the sand settle?

Ocean 75
Just like Ocean 74, The Syndicate and it's academy hold the number one and two spot. However, this time they are not alone. FearSome shows up in near equal strength as the academy of The Syndicate.

Ocean 46
Again, distance to the center of the map concerns me. I know 5 months is a long time away. However, The top alliances don't seem to be slowing down for the late comers. Here, Odyssey controls 41 cities with an average of 2743 points. Then, THE DRAGONS with 39 cities and 2141 average points between them.

Ocean 56
Quality in this ocean seems to be shared almost equally. Oceanus: 65 cites with 3109 average points. Night Warriors: 45 cities with 3060 average points.

Ocean 66
Sons of Liberty have a disagreement in climate preferences assuming from their placement all over ETA. They come in fourth in this ocean. Athenian Empire, Night Warriors, and AM3R1C4N hold spots one through three respectfully. Athenian Empire is trying to break away from the pack with 32 cities at 2510 average points, but the margin in numbers may not make up for quality. They are at least 500 average points be hind each of the other top four alliances in this ocean.

Ocean 57
Project Venom, sweet name. They are holding true to quality in this ocean with 2896 average points and 29 cites place them in the number one spot. With a dramatically less exciting name, the War Lords hold the second spot with 31 cities with 2059 average points.

Hope you enjoyed. This task was quite larger than I had expected. I am extremely tired. So I do apologize for grammar and or spelling errors.


I just have to say that I'm not sure that Kingdom of Erabicon ever attacks alliances in the top 100.
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One of the best write-ups I have seen to date. Just awesome to read through. You know what, screw that, it is the best write-up haha that must have taken ages. Honestly I would assume multiple hours. Very well done though and I really enjoyed it.


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