The new Wolf Pack is looking for members


While I had hoped (futilely it appears lol) to get some good, if not elite, players in my oceans (plus a couple other oceans to be later added) to join my alliance, I have majorly reduced the points requirement (from 175k to 5K lol) and my good friend MaryDoll from Bat-Monkeys finally talked me into taking not only established players but noobs also. Of course the nice thing about training noobs (and atm the only thing I can remember of it being nice) is that I can train them from the gitgo without having to have them unlearn a ton of bs (usually its only half a ton lol).


If you are a player in my oceans (see my ingame alliance and personal profiles for more details) and you are looking for an alliance that WILL grow (despite atks and cq attempts by both foolish noobs, enemies and my friends in RC/BM and their allies) and WILL teach you how to become an elite player and you got what it takes to become one, please mail me in-game.

However, if you are now or ever were a member of -Misfits- or its academy...forget it lol

And if you have commented on this thread, please bring it to my attention via igm or skype.

Thank you all for teaching me this's certainly been an experience...

Looking forward to WW time...hope you're not going by the game's calculations of when it will start, for I certainly am not :p


to the mods: please delete the original thread that's in the wrong place. thank you