The Naxos News


No one knows the exact time the server starts, and you aren't supposed to ask. Daedalus, the community manager, will create the world when he feels the world should be created. Could be 3 in the morning in America.


Finally my newspaper is here. Sorry it didn;t come earlier, I have been very busy.
1. What experience do you have as a leader?
Leadership experience: Schoolteacher for several years, ROTC, own my own company, headed up a Grepolis Academy in Lamia, project coordinator in oil and gas, etc etc.
2. Are you excited about the the new hero settings?
No experience yet with the new Hero settings, but I like exploring new features of any game that I enjoy.
3. What alliances look good so far?
I see Ascension and PP as the teams to beat in the long run.
4. How do you think you compare with the other top alliances?
Our internal core are excellent, reliable, and mature. The members we've added since opening seem to be active and competent, but until the shooting starts, you just never know.
5. Any final words you would like to say?
Looking forward to seeing how Naxos develops over the coming week!

Poison Is all about teamwork, we plan to work together and spread like wildfire to create a great empire. I have been playing for a while now and have experienced mostly all aspects of being part of an alliance and am pretty confident in our current team. So far it seems as though the alliance Ascension is leading the way as far as points go, but everything can change at a moments notice. We just hope to wind up on top one day.

1. Can you tell me about your alliance.
Well I think that my alliance really looks good right now best I have seen it in a long time.
2. What experience do you have playing Grepolis and leading alliances?
I have been playing Grepo now for just over a yr and I play in 3 servers now 2 that I lead in.
3.What alliances are looking good so far?
Ascension looks good and so does Peaceful Pioneers.
4.What do you think of the new hero settings?
I like the new world all together just wish that this was a lv3 speed world.
5. Any final words?
Final words not really except that we are here to win this time around :)

Notable Wars
None So Far

BP has ended a few days ago, and the top players are already getting their second city. Most alliances are getting prepared for war. However, no notable wars have broken out yet. This is likely to change in the next two weeks.

Thanks. I hope you like my newspaper. Sorry it was late!


Little advice, do a little more research and ask some more probing questions. I know of at least 1 "war" going on right now (not sure if the two sides want me to share though) and you should create a new thread instead of adding it to this one.

Also, extremely short. Look for some more material to add.


Great job on the paper,Everyone give the guy a break.It;s so early in the server it's kinda hard to get answers as things change so much this early.Not to worry though Ascension is here to stay for the long run,you can quote me on that!!! thisisgrepolis


The only shots fired will be him firing down shots of whiskey until he's drunk after he sees how much better my newspaper is than his.
hopefully you can manage a newspaper better then you manage an alliance