The knights that say bye


The knights City count is still good, but they dont seem to be bothered with Ocean 64 any more. I have my own map just for knights inactive and there's not enough colors on grepo intel to get all the players and 80% of the inactive cities are in 64. For all you alliances around that area this could be your time to step it up and take ocean 64 for your selves. Ill post some names for the world to see. So many cars being driven with no one at the steering wheel. Must be nice to be in an alliance that does not kick players that are not even here. There are some players that i keep track of that are closer to the territory that i am in and it seems they log on every 3 or 4 days.

Some of these guys yes they sign in every few days but 95% of the guys on this map are 100% inactive. Mix that with the ghosts and it makes you think.

Here is the map where i you can clearly see i have no more colors to use. I could prob look into the stats again and pull out a few names, but jeez.

I get all this by studying their stats. I dont know who is allies with the knights and who is at war, but with territory this big is up for grabs maybe its time for the alliances of marathon to re evaluate their relationship with this alliance.

I been telling this to players this whole world. When you only fight a war on a small front it causes your guys in the back to get bored. If you cant supply action to your guys in the back then they are not happy. If they are not happy its only a matter of time before they stop signing in. The pact between FC and Knights to me is what is causing this. They will make this out that i want them to be at war. What do i care, we are not loosing the wars against FC, Knights, Triad, and Argonauts. We are not overwhelming them either we are just standing our ground against 400 players.

All im doing is showing on how following leaders who fight a war over personal feelings is how you kill an alliance. FC and knights have been set up to fight each other. I will have to start studying some stats on FC but there is quite a few inactives in the same region as FC and Knights are intertwined in many areas. They have no one to fight, therefore they are leaving the world. Lets give a round of applause for FC and Knights killing the norther hemisphere of this world and hopefully, maybe BL can get out there and capitalize. Why not take these cities right out from Knights? They are not scary with half their team not even playing. Maybe their time has came and gone and a new alliance should take control of these oceans.

Any ways, Good day Fellow Marathon Warriors.


Oh look, what I've been saying all along is true!

How shocking that I'm right.. :eek: