The Immortal 300 Spartan Ninjas


Hello we are The Immortal 300 Spartan Ninjas.
About Us
To keep it simple we are here for blood. No Pacts or NAP's at ALL. None, if you ask well we will look at it consider it laugh so hard then change your flag to red. <3, In all seriousness we are an alliance that wants war if you do get in then you must be willing to fight and fight hard.

Our Name
Don't underestimate our name :) We are true ninjas and will mess you up.

Are we an MRA?
Yes of course! The numbers are in our favor. We have 5 academies set up so far, Immortal Lords, Lords of the Immortal, 300 Lords, 300 Immortals, and Last of the Immortals
If your name is KyleHob you can't join...... jk <3

What is Considered an Act of War
Joining the world.

If You Want to Join
Add me on skype and say you want to join, my skype name is HairyOldMan6969
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