The Greek Resistance

Discussion in 'Alliance & Recruitment' started by Alexandre the Great, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. Hello guys, I've started a new alliance named The Greek Resistance

    300 pts to join

    NW direction

    50 player max

    Join quick, i started late yesterday and we are growing fast!

    Ask me for invite, same in-game name as here
  2. THEOS

    THEOS Guest

    You have any experience? Any info you can give us? Like more detail
  3. Yes i have been in many En. world, many BP and very experianced. My alliance is growing and will get into top 15 again soon. We were knocked out BC of MONNA LISA
  4. GreaterGator

    GreaterGator Guest

    Well, considering your co-founder leads The Doom Reapers on Beta, I don't have extremely high expectations as of now...
  5. he's a leader, and im the one in charge. I have led an alliance to the 1stt spot and they are still there.
  6. WaterLilly

    WaterLilly Guest

    A good thing to be proud of :)
    Hope you shine here as well.
  7. Hectoronis

    Hectoronis Guest

    I'm ready ruler of Athenaun here to form an alliance
  8. Hectoronis

    Hectoronis Guest

    I'm in for the stars