The future of Katane

The future of katane. Yes it's about that time to talk about the new future katane. Let's dive right into the predictions for the future of katane. Right now there's a new #1 alliance. Immortals Elites the new #1 alliance. Now Immortal Elites seems like a force to be reckoned with to someone who hasn't been on the inside and doesn't know all their weaknesses. However I have had the chance to be inside and study the alliance's weaknesses and strengths. They have a decent amount of great player's including chudd, Cloudff77, etc. They also possibly have a player who has rekt Grepo Mauler on an EN sever but this has yet to be confirmed or denied. Weaknesses they do have a lot new players but another strength they have is they're great at teaching noobs how to play like veterans. They have more Weaknesses but if I state them they will end up not surviving much longer. Now I don't seem them winning. I see them losing to a much stronger and a much more active alliance. Storm dragons now there's not much know about them. But they have more great players then Immortal Elites and they're way more active than Immortal Elites. They do have a solid core unlike immortal Elites which gives them a better chance of winning this world. They do have weaknesses and I don't want to be rude or bias but they have players that need to be taught how to time attacks. If they work on that they have a solid chance of winning this world. They also have players that throw whatever they want at a siege or a high wall and I wouldn't be surprised if they use Light ships to defend. Now Young guns used to be the top alliance in everything until grepo mauler left. Grepo mauler was the one who was holding then together without him. They are going to have it rough. They still do have a chance of winning it just isn't much of a chance as it was when Grepo Mauler was with them. Now they are still ranked number one but that will not always stay that way soon enough they will not be #1 in Fighter Battle points, Attacker Battle points, and Defender battle points. I do see a decent amount of players leaving the alliance in the future and joining the top alliance or creating an alliance similar to profi. Now Cry havoc they're a decent alliance. But they do have more weaknesses than strengths. Though I'm not expecting that to stay that way forever. It's just a bit disappointing that they have more weaknesses than strengths at the moment. One of their weaknesses is that they never break a siege with more than 50k dlu in the city which is the main reason why they lost so many cities to virulent and might be their downfall. But they have very good strengths one is that they are never offline. They are the most active alliance I have seen being active all the time making it nearly impossible to sneak a CS into one of their cities. That's all I have to say right now. Expect more from me in the future of Katane.
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Well at the moment I write this, YG has a 1/2 million point lead on IE.
The only reason IE has jumped up the ranks is because they took in a lot of Horde players in the past few days


I like how we are shuffling players around between YG and LG which incidentally made IE #1 for a little while.

Rest assured, they arent anywhere near #1, Now get off the forums, you ghosted


YG isn't going anywhere. Maul is a great player and definitely an asset to have on your side, but in the end one player isn't going to make the difference between sink and swim

Rip Hunter

You're just salty because we didn't accept you into YG unlike the other alliances that took you in to throw you out shortly after lol

And Simpoints don't mean a ratstail, look at smilebruce, #3 in points, #105 (or something like that) in Fighterranks