The Fall of the Bee Brigade: a Poem


The Fall of the Bee Brigade

They had their men, 100 strong, who’d give the Hive a try
Collected from the high point folks, they poured into that dive.
Stomping out the n00bery seen at world’s first dawn,
Stomping out the naive hopes of alliances just formed,
Declaring inevitability, 'join or get the sword',
The Hive thus spread with sickening dread, and occupied the core.
The bps rolled, the stats all showed, the bees were quite a bunch.
The first attempts at apicide were taken out to lunch.
But they could not sate their api-tite, why so insecure?
For upon their plate they wanted Foos, a FOOlish act Foo sure.

Then Out Came the Bug Spray!

From 44, from 54, from 55 onward
Into the Land of Uprising rode the one hundred.
"Southward Italia! Charge for AR!" urged the bee founders
While into the Valley of Diplomatic Death rode the one hundred.

Alliances to the right of them, alliances to the left of them
were amazed at the blunder
While into the jaws of Death sailed the one hundred.

But bees make no reply, theirs not to reason why,
Theirs but to do or die:
Thus into Vacation Mode went most of the one hundred.
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What can I say, worthy of Homer himself...I do of course mean the great epic Greek poet, and not he of Simpsons fame. Mind you, I could go a doughnut after reading it.


mmmm... DONUTS.