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*See page 2 for alliance interview updates.*

Bringing you the news of Eta, straight to the externals! You get everything from what's going on, top 12's, a featured player and his alliance, alliance leader interviews that everyone loves, a featured model for all you men of Grepolis, a crossword for the interactive folks, tips for newbs, on this day in history, and finally some current U.S. events. If this doesn't satisfy everyone's needs then you are out of luck!

Next issue planned for: May 19th 2013!


Eta Events/Wars

First on the list is the war between Not Alone and The Union. I will do my very best to give simple facts and add no opinion to this. It may seem a little dry because of that. The Union has conquered 6 Not Alone cities, they have conquered 2 from The Union. The war mostly takes place between ocean 54 and 55. The Union is making a push in many directions, including to the north, but Not Alone has committed to a southern push and is only attacking Union cities (for the most part anyway). The battle has been heated and only gets better.

We might also look at the war between Rising Shadows and Spartacus Elite. It seems obvious who is the dominant force. Despite constant rumors of RS internal troubles, RS has conquered 7 cities in the past 30 days from Spartacus to their 1. Is it only a matter of time or will the merge between Nazgul Elite and Spartacus change the tide?

Other than that, not much is going on. Pretty sad actually. If any leaders read this...get your alliance into attack mode!
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War Story

Kishin, once the leader of The Silence, now looked out from the deck of his head LS at a former Silence member's city. He had dread in his heart, but now fought proud for The Union, as this was not even his conquer. He brought his massive army all for Jamminzz, an act of honor and tribute to The Union. Kishin was unsure of this battle, if him or any of his troops would make it out alive, but he was sure that in the end, he was sure that this ensured the conquer of this city.

It was early morning and the pink sun slowly rose from the depths of the sea on the horizon. All was calm, no breeze could be felt, some would say the calm before the storm.
All the men were a bit jumpy that morning. Their inexperience with battle showed in their frigidity anticipation. Kishin slowly made his way to each ship to give them the confidence he felt they needed. They wouldn't win the battle without it, but even his heart raced with visions of possible outcomes flashing before his eyes. Troops being slaughtered on the beaches before making it into the core of the city.

The bell rang on the head ship to signal the assault would be under way momentarily. The lightships hit first sinking all of the transports in the harbor. No bireme defense was present and no lightship were lost. The sailors rejoiced and cheered as the transports landed on the beaches. 1000 slingers rushed out yelling for Hades support. They met heavy resistance, but the moderate wall allowed easier access into the city. Horsemen and hoplites followed closely behind in formation, proudly holding a Union flag high above their heads. Archers sent arrows raining down terror from above and the slingers were hit hard because of their lack of armor. Horses were hit and bucked as they were pierced and went down. Blood ran through the dirt of the rocky shore like small creeks, but Kishin ordered his men to push on. Slingers were no use and were quickly downed with great losses, but Kishin quickly rearranged formation and sent his small detachment of hoplites around to flank the swordsmen. They fell quickly and the last of the city's forces, and throng of hoplites, stood before the great senate building.

Kishin now strode to the front of his troops, battered to no end. He raised his sword, looked deep into the ground, and asked requested a favor. "Hades, many men have died today, good men, but it doesn't have to be that way. Take my favor, breath life into these selfless souls and bring that back to their families in Doji. The ground shook, Hades way of announcing his approval. The men were inspired, the last bit of hope they needed, a hope of life beyond death. They rushed forward meeting spears with hurled rocks and demolishing the remaining resistance. Kishin and his mangled remnant troops stormed the senate and burned it to the ground. The pillows of smoke were seen from all over the island, slowly rising in a dark, condensed cloud.

Kishin slowly walked back to the beach, clenching his chest with the sight of the dead. The thought of families back in Doji buried all triumph, but the day was not over yet. A whole began to open in the ground, the earth falling in on itself, and a dark figure arose from the depths. Screams of terror were heard, terrifying screeches of the dead calling to be let go. But Hades did not emerge alone, no, he arose and behind him crawled the dead who had perished in battle, clenching roots and rocks to climb from the depths. Not all made it out before Hades drifted back in and the hole closed up, but the men of families and those with clear souls were the ones who made it out.

The men gathered what resources they could, a measly payment of 800 resources and set sail back to Doji.


Eta's Top 12's and Top 5 Explained

The Union: The Union has held top spot in Eta for a while now. An obvious dominant force in ocean 55, they lead in points by a whopping 200,000. Their average has maintained about 3,000 more than Rising Shadows in the recent past. The Union also holds first in ABP, DBP, and overall BP, so they have been receiving their fair share of attacks. No one likes top spot.

Rising Shadows: Holding down Ocean 64, Rising Shadows seems to be rightfully in second place, if not deserving of first. They seem to be (and this is speculation) hitting Spartacus pretty hard. With such a dominance over one ocean, it doesn't look like they are going anywhere any time soon. The only questions is where they go after. TU territory or elsewhere? Also, leadership struggles are rumoring to be going on. Activity and member following are supposedly playing a part, but you'll have to go fact digging yourself for details. Overall, a solid alliance and top contender in Eta.

The Syndicate: Way out in ocean 74/75, I have never dealt with them. I'd be interested in talking with their leader though. Also, not sure where they are getting all of their ABP from, but they're fourth, so they must be at least moderately militarily active. Sorry I can't give more info on them.

Wolfknives: Very nice leader, but the group isn't tied together like they could be. I think they need more time to cement their place in ocean 54, but they might also need to think about dealing with the shared ocean problem they have. If Not Alone were not so tied up with TU, it would be funny to watch Wolfknives attempt to hold up. Not sure if they could last or they would fall under the pressure. Solid leadership, but is he leading a solid group...a question you guys will have to answer yourselves.

Night Warriors: Crazy spread out in 56 and 66, I'm surprised I have heard nothing about Oceanus and them fighting. Makes me wonder what the rest of Eta outside of 55 and 54 is like. I will say they have one of the most generous and respectable leaders I have dealt with though. Just a straight chill guy...hmmm is he our featured player? Read below to find out!

Best of luck to ALL alliances, you are all equipped with the tools to succeed, but now it is up to how each uses them.

Top 12 Alliances (Points):
Top 12 Aliiances (ABP):
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Featured Player: Cerulias of Night Warriors

In this section I have asked a player of obvious competitiveness to tell a little about himself, why he feels his alliance is the best, some things to note about ABP and why he takes it as a priority, and some advice he has for newer players. I hope this gives you a new perspective on one of the top players of Eta and some of the things he values the most.

Bio: Well I'm a US born citizen from parents that were born in Cuba(Father) and Venzuela(Mother) in the year 1984. I originally studied political science and history, which are two of my passions coming out of high school but after seeing how little money you can earn in those industries, I shifted focus to Business administration but again changed after I fell in love with economics. Sadly, I was not able to finish my schooling because of an opportunity starting my own business with two other friends, it was a building supply company and our goal was to build energy efficient homes when we were more profitable. After 3 years of struggling and a partner leaving us, we shifted focus to do IT work, which has been our focus for the past year. So while my wallet has complained about the less money we are making, my back thanks me everyday. I live with my younger brother and our cats which I'm allergic to but my desire to help others/animals has led me to a life where I can't breathe but I at least have some very loving pets. Its funny how compassionate I am to others and animals in real life even though I LOVE playing these games that involve being mean to others but I guess this is how I keep myself balanced. Outside of the games, some of my passions are history,economics,politics,baseball,football, basketball and of course I enjoy other things that most regular people do too but felt only the need to list some of my top passions or more unique likes.
Alliance: I'm going to give you my alliance history to show you how I got where I am now. When I first started this game I was a complete noob, in trying to complete the join an alliance quest I accidentally created my own alliance called, Hard. I had no idea how to disband it or leave it, so I stayed in the alliance for the time being till I could find a better alliance and how to get out of the one I was in. After being recruited by Pyro451 to join at the time an alliance of just a dozen players if even that, called Night Fall, I said yes since I was worried that my neighbors who had both joined an alliance would at one point come after me. So out of fear and the belief that at some point I would just join a more competent alliance down the road, I joined. Right off the bat, I asked for some responsibilities since I felt if this was going to be home for a bit, I would like to improve it however I can, since I love to lead and serve for the improvement of others. I took it upon myself to go out and recruit the best candidates to join our alliance, really for our survival, we were living in a world full of sharks and felt the only way we would really be safe would be to grow our numbers and create a stronger defensive network in our base ocean of 56. Our growth in the rankings and members gave our Founder a very great opportunity to merge our alliance with another rising alliance in ocean 66, Ancient Warriors.
The merge of our two alliances helped form the current alliance I'm in which is Night Warriors. We kept Night Fall as an alliance to hold all the members that would not have been able to enter our current alliance. It has now served as our academy alliance to help keep Night Warriors active and constantly growing. Our alliance started off as a way to ensure all the small alliances and players of ocean 56 can survive in an ocean dominated by Oceanus and an even scarier threat to our north in the form of The Union.
After becoming allies to Oceanus and securing our ocean from any other outside threats, we have come from an alliance focused on surviving and a defensive network to one who can begin the process of expanding and becoming a shark ourselves. My alliance is a very close-knit group that believes in working together for the improvement of all, while our BP was pretty low since our primary focus was staying alive I do believe you should start seeing a rise in that number as our members start growing out of our defensive rooted nature and into a more aggressive phase. We have a skype chatroom set up to help foster a closer bond and an academy system that acts like a minor-league system, where we demote and promote players depending on how well they improve our alliance and play the game, I encourage anyone who is very active, plays in an ocean where we have a presence to really consider joining our group, I know I have enjoyed my stay here and will never leave the alliance where my brothers and sisters play.

Role: When I first joined the Night Coalition it was only a matter of days before I asked for more responsibilities and a way to serve the alliance. My first assignment was to be in charge of recruiting, with the help of our great leader Pyro451 we were able to take an alliance of a dozen players to a top 15 ranking. Due to my efforts and hard work serving my leader he trusted me with a promotion to be his Second in Command. When Night Fall merged with Ancient Warriors after helping administering the move from our Fall players into the new Night Warriors alliance my Founder again rewarded me with the promotion to help lead our current alliance, as second in command to the Founders. I now serve the Founders of my alliance to the best of my ability in making their lives as easy as possible in managing a coalition that consists of at times 100 members. My proudest achievement outside of my alliance's growth has to be in helping create the permanent bond with Oceanus, without their help and belief in our people, our alliance would not be where it is now. So on a quick side note, I do want to show my gratitude and thanks to all the members of the Night Coalition and those in Oceanus who decided to help us instead of crushing us when we were a tiny growing alliance. Our continued bond ensures that ocean 56 is as safe as it is for our members now.

Advice: I have two sets of advice, one for alliances and one for players. For alliances do not feel ashamed being labeled as an MRA because you consider opening an academy. We all know an academy is mostly filled with part time players or not as capable players as the primary alliance but it really does wonders in helping you fill your ranks quickly when you lose a player to attrition. Everyone seems to discard the benefit of having a recruiting alliance where you can teach low skilled players how to become competent ones but even if you have an academy with a bunch of low value players, you really will be shocked how many gems you can find in the rough, the main suggestion I would say about an academy is make sure its centrally located and close to your protection, you gain nothing in recruiting players in far away oceans. Don't worry about what others say or label your alliance because of it, while those alliances start losing members and can't find competent ones to replace their losses and are forced to merge to survive, your alliance will be able to keep growing and succeeding without having to take drastic action. Another tip of advice would be to use some kind of chatroom whether its our terrible chat feature, skype or some other site, being able to chat with your fellow alliance members really helps foster a closer community. Lastly, I would say focus on one or two oceans tops at first while you are growing to help make defending your fellow brothers much easier, the first alliances to fail are those who just recruit players disregarding locality.
Now my advice for players would be to read as many guides as you can, don't limit yourself to just one school of thought, there is many ways of playing this game and not all of them are wrong. The more you learn about all the other schools of thought the easier the game becomes and you can create your own route to success by seeing what fits you best. Talk to your elders(those who have played the gamer longer or who played on other worlds) they have a lot of wisdom and experience that they could share to make you a better player, there are no bad questions to ask and we all started as novices, there is no shame in asking for help. My last bit of advice for players would be to find an alliance that is located in your base ocean, it really helps being close to your alliance mate, especially in a world that takes hours to send help to even close by islands.
In conclusion to everyone lets all remember this is a game to have fun with, if you aren't having fun than you are doing something wrong and don't take things too seriously either, at the end of the day 99% of us are going to not make it to the end or "win" the endgame, so just take this game lightly and enjoy it while it lasts!


Alliance Leader Interviews

1. It is been a considerable amount of time since the server opened, do you think your newer players have picked up the game well?
2. What are your predictions on how the world will look in another say, 2-4 months?
3. What are the immediate goals of your alliance?
4. What is your opinion on current wars right now? (NA vs. TU, RS vs. SE, ect.)

Interviews coming soon!:)

Featured Model Of The Issue: Layla Anna-Lee
Photos: 100% covered(;!


Wait...wrong picture![/spr]

Cross Word
Theme of the issue: myth units!

1. Ideal for conquest worlds, this creature has a moderate blunt attack with its large ax, but it is more suited for defensive situations.
3. This giant one-eyed monster is one of the baddest defenders goinging...except for one weakness. If presented with a large sharp attack, it can do nothing for itself. Slingers or horsemen are no match though.
4. The serpent of the sea, this multi-headed beast can take down countless biremes or LS, but speed is its enemy. Defends know it's coming and it is too slow to reach any far city for support in time. Another ideal unit for conquest worlds.
5. One of the most popular farming units in the game, it can dodge biremes and carry loads of loot no problem. Look out, you only glimpse her coming before her talons sink in and carry you away.
6. Turning all who look into her eyes, to stone, this creature petrifies anyone brave enough to even face her.
1. This beast swoops down and tears through most anything with it's powerful sharp claws. Biremes won't stop them, and not many troops can either.
2. Feared throughout the lands because she is known as the daughter of Hades. With the highest attack in the game, she is not something you want to come up against, but luckily, her high costs drive her appeal down. Facing many of these is suicide for sure.
3. A three headed dog, but not a vicious as it seems. Attacking it is useless, so it's only use is for defense, but beware of its weakness to sharp attacks similar to the Cyclops.

Tips For Newbs
This is a section for newer players to get pointed in the right direction. While I won't go into specifics, I want all new players to recognize that these are keys to success in Grepolis and I would like all of you to research these topics further if you don't understand something. Enjoy!

1. Do not found cities unless it is a special case. This forces you to build it from scratch, wait a longer period of time to get the city, and a whole bunch of other problems. You can take a high point city much faster and have the same result as founding many cities.

2. If you don't like you alliance, leave them. Don't let an alliance dictate your actions and limit your growth. They should be there to help you conquer cities and defend...if they can't do that, why be with them?

3. Ditch slow transports. At this point in the game, timing is everything. If you alert the enemy your coming an hour earlier, you may be letting them get an extra 100 biremes into their city...doesn't sound appealing does it?

On This Day In History
On this day in 1469, the Italian philosopher and writer Niccolo Machiavelli is born. A lifelong patriot and diehard proponent of a unified Italy, Machiavelli became one of the fathers of modern political theory.

Machiavelli entered the political service of his native Florence by the time he was 29. As defense secretary, he distinguished himself by executing policies that strengthened Florence politically. He soon found himself assigned diplomatic missions for his principality, through which he met such luminaries as Louis XII of France, Pope Julius II, the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I, and perhaps most importantly for Machiavelli, a prince of the Papal States named Cesare Borgia. The shrewd and cunning Borgia later inspired the title character in Machiavelli's famous and influential political treatise The Prince (1532).

Machiavelli's political life took a downward turn after 1512, when he fell out of favor with the powerful Medici family. He was accused of conspiracy, imprisoned, tortured and temporarily exiled. It was an attempt to regain a political post and the Medici family's good favor that Machiavelli penned The Prince, which was to become his most well-known work.

Though released in book form posthumously in 1532, The Prince was first published as a pamphlet in 1513. In it, Machiavelli outlined his vision of an ideal leader: an amoral, calculating tyrant for whom the end justifies the means. The Prince not only failed to win the Medici family's favor, it also alienated him from the Florentine people. Machiavelli was never truly welcomed back into politics, and when the Florentine Republic was reestablished in 1527, Machiavelli was an object of great suspicion. He died later that year, embittered and shut out from the Florentine society to which he had devoted his life.

Though Machiavelli has long been associated with the practice of diabolical expediency in the realm of politics that was made famous in The Prince, his actual views were not so extreme. In fact, in such longer and more detailed writings as Discourses on the First Ten Books of Livy (1517) and History of Florence (1525), he shows himself to be a more principled political moralist. Still, even today, the term "Machiavellian" is used to describe an action undertaken for gain without regard for right or wrong.

Written by: Tyler Boyd
Additional credits to: Cerulias (writer of his featured player report)
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This is a biweekly newspaper and the next planned issue is set to appear 5/19/2013


Great issue. I really enjoyed it. I am glad that you gave Cerulias the spotlight for this issue. He definitely deserves it.


Great issue. I really enjoyed it. I am glad that you gave Cerulias the spotlight for this issue. He definitely deserves it.
After talking with him for so long in-game, I learned how respectable he is. Just a straight up generous guy not only doing good for himself, but furthering his alliance so much. Many players don't see that. I'm lucky to have those kinds of players in The Union too. Anyway, he is straight forward, very nice, ect. so he deserved the spot light for this issue. Glad everyone liked it. Should have leader interviews up by tonight or tomorrow at the latest.


Great issue. The war between SE and RS is a bit skewed though. The actual score as of right now is SE 1 city and RS 2 cities. RS recruited a couple of SE members which shifted the conquest scores. Also RS was taking some AoA cities still in O64 during that time. RS could have pushed the issue a lot more if they hadn't taken 10 days trying to take me out and racking up a ton of BP in my favor.


Great issue. The war between SE and RS is a bit skewed though. The actual score as of right now is SE 1 city and RS 2 cities. RS recruited a couple of SE members which shifted the conquest scores. Also RS was taking some AoA cities still in O64 during that time. RS could have pushed the issue a lot more if they hadn't taken 10 days trying to take me out and racking up a ton of BP in my favor.
Yea, to be honest, I had so little intel on current happenings out there, I should have gotten a source to do that small write-up. I will make sure that happens next time.


Loved the crosswords as always.:-o/(skrible skrible...skrible some more...eheheh) those are fun.^^


Alliance Leader Interviews Update!

Sorry for the delay guys, I wanted to get The Chronicle pushed out as quickly as possible, but here is what you all have been waiting for. Some interesting tidbits to pick up if you read closely.

1. It is been a considerable amount of time since the server opened, do you think your newer players have picked up the game well?
2. What are your predictions on how the world will look in another say, 2-4 months?
3. What are the immediate goals of your alliance?
4. What is your opinion on current wars right now? (NA vs. TU, RS vs. SE, ect.)

Cerulias of Night Warriors said:
1) I would say they have. At this point I see very little mistakes being done on offense or defense. We don't try to shame anyone in our forums or belittle them for being inquisitive or inexperienced in some of regards of the game. Plus a lot of the newer players have come from playing other games like evony, where they learned the importance of team work and asking questions since no game can be more confusing than evony at times. This is actually my first world and I believe I've come a great distance than those early days when I first started playing.
2) I have a feeling that things will start to pick up military wise. We have two tiers of alliances right now and I believe the older alliances are going to start moving in on the younger alliances that might or might not be prepared for the coming wars. It really will be interesting to see how the top alliances remain on top. The Union seems to be the only constant and unless they are hit with a influx of inactivity I don't see them falling but the other major alliances have been slowly creeping in each others direction and could start to engage in more serious wars if game speed 1 ever allows us to reach each other hehe.
3) Our immediate goals is to secure the two oceans we are primarily located in. Ocean 56 was long secured by Oceanus and our working partnership allows us to exist peacefully with the only major alliance presence besides ourselves in our primary ocean. Ocean 66 is our other home ocean where besides one other alliance we have the most cities and points, securing that ocean is our primary focus.
4) Besides our minor wars with minor alliances in our base oceans, I am really clueless on the military situation in the rest of the world minus the very famous Not Alone-Union Wars. Wars on this game speed have to be fought very closely and not from distant oceans, meaning that Not Alone just doesn't have the members or forces to truly crush the Union but does the Union have the ability to crush a very good core of players is the better question. I would say this war is more of a liability to the Union than Not Alone since NA's existence is solely to destroy the Union it hasn't stepped on too many toes I would assume or at least not viewed by the rest of the world as bad guys. So if any other alliance were to enter the fray that border the Union it could be the momentum changer NA needs. I'm not sure if they have tried or if they have egos so big they haven't bothered trying to get help in their war but if they can gather a world coalition to help out, it could make things more interesting in this war. Being this our most famous and notorious war, it should be given a name, I know if that world coalition ever does occur we can call it our World War I.

Swaden of Blood Ravens said:
1) i believe the newer players i chosen to join in here have done well so far, there may have been inactive but i quickly handle those situations, They are now turning into experinced players but still have a ways to go before they can call them selves elite.

2) in 2-4months i can see NA being off the map if they dont get aid and other then that the top 12 may not change but you never can be to sure as to how it will change, so i dont have a full answer to it all i can say is expect the unexpected.

3) i plan on reaching rank 3 atleast and keep it, we lost rank 5 due to so minor problems but we will quickly gain it back once again dispite our loss. I dont look for war i plan on keeping my alliance affairs domestic for now, but at the moment Blood Ravens are fighting some minor wars with Carpe Diem and their allies, we have caused the fall of many small alliances and continue to do so as they seem to be aggressive towards us. other then that i want to keep everything domestically eyed upon my alliance, help it grow and reach top 3 alliances and keep my rank that way.

4) NA vs TU - NA will ultimately lose, but being the warriors they are it will be a little while before they are fully crushed. with their spirit they may pro-long the war with aid from allies or recruit more battle hardened players. in the end TU wins but if they wanted to they could pro-long it and cause the war to last for months, by the way it seems now they will fall in about 2 months or so maybe less depending on TU's military capability and wiping out alliances with quick agility and strength.

RS vs SE - there's not much to say, as far as it seems neither has really been doing much towards each other as far as im concerned maybe some skirmishes here and there but nothing too major. If RS up their game they could wipe out SE in about 6 months maybe more or less, but if they dont step their game up towards them it could last for little more then a year or so. AkA i dont see this war ending any time soon.

hllhnd22 of The Syndicate said:
Question 1. As far as time goes our Alliance is relatively young only 2 months old but as you can see we are already a dominate power house in Eta, so I believe our members have learned a lot and are continuing to learn at a rapid pace.

Question 2. I believe that you will see a much closer race for the first spot between The Union, Rising Shadows, and The Syndicate.

Question 3. Our immediate goals is to continue to secure our oceans and exspand within our pact agreements.

Question 4. AS far as NA vs TU is concerned we have no opinion and RS VS SE is an issue we are staying neutral in since we are currently in a pact with both. But if you are not pacted or in our alliance in Oceans 74 and 75 consider yourself a target.

Cavalieri of Oceanus said:
1. It is been a considerable amount of time since the server opened, do you think your newer players have picked up the game well?
Yes, my alliance has really stepped up to the task of giving our new players knowledge of the game and the new players have taken it well.
2. What are your predictions on how the world will look in another say, 2-4 months?
Some of the top alliance will fall, tensions will rise, but probably no major wars.
3. What are the immediate goals of your alliance?
4. What is your opinion on current wars right now? (NA vs. TU, RS vs. SE, ect.)
No opinion really.

BayouBrit of Not Alone said:
1. yes and no. I am a newer player myself and we are all still learning. biggest issue is players leaving for new servers or real life distractions LOL

2. I probably will not be here and have no idea

3. Live Free or Die Fighting

4. NA/TU = David vs. Goliath without God's favor blessing David. Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Mike Tyson. No contest. Likely fight will be stopped by TKO (players leaving the game).
RS/SE = no view as too busy fighting Mike Tyson

I hope you enjoyed the successful conclusion of The Eta Chronicle, I hope everyone is having a great weekend.


Geez love the confidence Swaden lol. Good luck passing us!


Hey guys, if you don't mind, I would like to give my two cents on some things and clear them up for the most part.

The war with NA and TU is drawing to an end. They thought they could slam us, and initially we got hit hard, but with successful operation after another (with a few CS's on the ocean floor too) we ended up conquering 8 of their cities to their initial 2. This can be found here. While yes, an unfair fight, that's what they wanted and we commend them for their efforts. We will continue taking them on, but don't see a change in direction any time soon.

Now for a question...hllhnd22 and The Syndicate has the power to turn the tide of a coming war between RS and SE and they stay neutral? Why? As I see it, whomever's side they break their pact with, will ultimately be out numbered. So why not? Pick the better side (you know both well) and let hell break lose, get your military activity working. It must be lonely all the way out in ocean 74/75!:-D

NA getting help from another top 12, I find this to be an interesting thought. Look at it this way: TU is bordered by 2 other neutral alliances thus far. ALL IN to our west has been a long-term ally and will likely stay that way, SE to our east that is struggling on a one war front so I question the possibility that they would even dare take on both major alliances for Not Alone...actually, I'll just tell you now they aren't suicidal haha. That leaves Oceanus, and it looks like boarder disputes are heating down in south 55. I doubt they will come to "aid" NA in anyway from all the way down there, but declare war if they may, it will have no effect on NA's state. You may also look at Wolfknives, but they are also pacted with The Union.
I would also like to point out, ironically and very sadly because I value pacts so much, NA is pacted with almost every top 12 alliance besides The is only recently they made their pacts private. Wolfknives, ALL IN, RS, SE...

"Some of the top alliance will fall, tensions will rise, but probably no major wars."

"I believe that you will see a much closer race for the first spot between The Union, Rising Shadows, and The Syndicate."
Now looking at this a bit you favor RS in the situation? Resources support of actually defense troops to RS cities? I wonder what you guys have been cooking up. Just funny that you left out SE:-D

Can't pull too much else out of this. Good luck to all leaders, I feel your stress at leading an alliance, but good luck!!

Please post your comments and thoughts below as well, I love discussion.


Nice job on the paper, I had some personal issues so I did not get my interview in so I apologize for that Tyler!
So just for kick's... I'll post my response now..

1. It is been a considerable amount of time since the server opened, do you think your newer players have picked up the game well?

Our alliance started in this world a bit after the primary core was getting set up. This means the hardcore players were already finding themselves established in the game. This also results in our alliance having a larger number of new to the game players. As such, I must say that I'm very proud of our new members and their eagerness to learn every aspect of the game. They maintain a high level of activity and are constantly learning and improving their gameplay. As our alliance is primarily made up of newer players, including myself; I can proudly say that we have not only picked up well on the game but continue to improve and our stats prove that.

2. What are your predictions on how the world will look in another say, 2-4 months?

Wars will continue to brew and deepen and the map will see some very interesting shifts in dominate power as oceans become more and more mixed. I expect the top twelve to see a few more mergers and this is the time to 'shore up the base' for the long haul as we all have our eyes on the endgame.

3. What are the immediate goals of your alliance?

That's for us to know and everyone else to speculate about :eek:

4. What is your opinion on current wars right now? (NA vs. TU, RS vs. SE, ect.)

NA Vs. TU...

This is a great battle to watch. Clearly Not Alone is doing a phenomenal job at taking on The Union and my props go to our dear friend Not Alone in their struggles. Rising Shadows stands behind our friends and looks to see them coming out on top of this battle. The Union has the numbers and ability to wipe them out but has not yet been able to do so. Not Alone continues to learn and become a stronger and stronger force and they have been showing off that ability to be flexible and move quickly. An alliance of fighters... Yes they are.

RS Vs. SE...

Since Tyler was unable to obtain intelligence on the matter I'll give you our opinion on the war. Questions rise regarding the merger with Spartacus and Nazgul Elite forming Spartacus Elite. People ask how this will effect them? Can they survive against Rising Shadows when full force is focused? I think they made the right decision to -finally- pull the trigger and merge. Rising Shadows has been fighting Nazgul Elite long before war ensued with Spartacus. Enemies merging for survival was their only chance in coming out of this alive. Let's just see if they can pull of a better alliance structure and learn to coordinate.

Rising Shadows maintains it's dominate control on it's ocean. Rising Shadows has proved it's ability to fight and defend on multiple fronts not only against Spartacus & Nazgul but against several other alliances at one time. Rising Shadows continues to make headway against Spartacus Elite and continues to make a push into it's newest ocean to the south. What will happen when Rising Shadows is allowed to focus purely on one enemy without combat on multiple fronts? So long as Rising Shadows and Spartacus Elite continue to butt heads, I do not see a path to victory for SE. What happens when Rising Shadows is able to turn it's full attention on SE?

Rising Shadows Co-Founder