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Top 12 Alliances Of Epsilon


Introducing Epsilon Gazette

Welcome,readers to the very first issue of the Epsilon Gazette.I hope this paper will become a staple of this world for a long time to come!I would like to welcome all readers a very warm Welcome!I welcome all suggestions,critique or feedbacks!In the End,The Epsilon Gazette is meant to bring the world of Epsilon to you,readers....

Yours Sincerely

For the First Issue of Epsilon Gazette I Interviewed Few Players from Top Alliances and One from Low Ranked!

This Are the Questions That I asked Every Person Interviewed:
1.What do you think about your Alliance?
2.What is the worst Alliance in your Opinion?
3.What do you think about Epsilon for Now?
4.Who will be in top of ABP List when BP Ends??

Jeremie02 From Why So Serious?

1) I know all the players of my alliance and I'm verry happy to be here with them. We are going to be a very good Elite !

2) I think all the alliances have qualities. Can choose one here for the moment.

3) Good begining ;)

4) We are going to be the best attackers ;)

xTormento From No Guts No Glory

1) It's not the best alliance yet, but soon or later it will be.

2) No answer to that.

3) For now I think it's a active world.

4) Don't know.

Anterrabae From DKBT

1)Of course I know my alliance is top notch, and will do very well here. To say otherwise would be counterproductive. That said, we have proven leadership, experienced players and a good community. We have fun but are very serious at the same time. Great atmosphere.

2)Too early to tell, it could be the top alliance in the world, it could be the last alliance. Who knows?

3)Its fine, its basically just settings to me at this point. The settings are good, so its treating me fine.

4)Whoever kills the most troops :p. ABP is fantastic and important, but taking cities is more important, in my opinion. I will definitely be up there in ABP, although I can't say how high, or who else will be there.

Draceus From The Doom Reapers

1)My alliance is well organized and going to be a big alliance in a few days but will cut the bad players.
2)-HaShiShin- because of high member count but pretty good average.
4)Why so serious ?

FermentingFruit From Punk in Drublic

1)What do I think about my alliance? I think that although we are small, we have really good experienced players, and a lot of friendly faces is always good. We should stick around for a while, and hopefully get into the top 12 once the MRA's disappear.

2)In my opinion, the worst alliance would have to be No Guts No Glory. They are spread out across 3 oceans, quite widely, and they have members in distant parts of oceans. They are a definite MRA, having tried to recruit the same person 3 times unsuccessfully. They should fall soon, and I was hoping on bringing them down.

3)What do I think about Epsilon? I think it's a great world, it's my first U.S server, and I've been hearing a lot of good reports about it. The speed is just right, as me and my alliance mates all come from a speed 2 with revolt, so hopefully we'll thrive.

4)I'm not sure of exactly who I think will be in the top ABP once BP ends, but promising alliances look like:
Semper Fi
White Lotus Society
Why so serious ?
And I hope that my alliance can get up in those rankings. Although don't hold my world for those 4, as I don't know any of the U.S players yet lol

(Talk About ABP,Wars and Such)


I did this newspaper, and will be happy to follow up with it. But if someone else decides to create a new one, they'll be out of luck. :)


Thank you Guys....:D
As soon as BP Ends u`ll get 2nd edition!