The Epsilon Gazette(Part Two)!!



Top 12 Of Epsilon


Top 12 ABP


Welcome Beloved Readers! :)
I happy to Announce that Second Edition of The Epsilon Gazette Is Finaly Here!
Enjoy And Give Me Some Feedback.........


1)What Do you think about your alliance now after few weeks of Epsilon?Is your ABP as planed?
2)Are you fighting any Wars...And if So How its going?
3)Which Alliance has disappointed you the Most?
4)What Alliance will Fall Soon in your Opinion??And Define why!

Jeremie02 From Why So Serious?

1) We are very happy here and our ABP proove that we are the best
2) We hit everyone but we have a Target N#1
3) ...
4) All the alliances because we are going to eat them

FermentingFruit From Punk in Drublic

1) I think we are still going strong, and we will not fall soon. Our ABP is a little lower than I had hoped, but we are by far the smallest alliance in the top twelve, and we're still in the top 10 attackers, so I thought that was good.

2)We are currently in a war with AoH, which you hopefully should know lol. For now, it is mainly just farming raids, but we have not lost any cities to them, so that is good.

3)I am most disappointed with DKBT for the most part. Their BP's are most disappointing for the most part, I thought they would do much better for having a mod as a founder.

4)I believe that either AoH or NGNG will fall soon. AoH I believe because they have lots of enemies, including WSS, so they should go quickly. I also believe that NGNG will fall, because they are a massive MRA, spread across 5 oceans, it's bound to fail.

Purple Hornet From District 12

I actually expected my alliance to be higher in points instead of ABP but you never know what's going to happen. For wars, we don't really need to fight any for a while. 64 has basically no threats except for us. We are just going to focus on this ocean for a while as we watch other alliance kill each other off.
Hashashiyyin has kinda disappointed me. I thought that they would stay small and control there area but they got to far spread out...
I would only think WSS, AoH, TRB, and D12 will survive in the long run. I'm expecting DKBT to fall in about a month. They are right in the heart of bigger alliances.

Petrika Grosi From Ace of Hearts

1. AOH is doing it all perfectly like was planed by me and our leadership have a strategy for where we must arrive soon. ABP doesnt need coments by me, we are seconds, in total and in proportion with our citys average our ABP is the best.

2.Yes all know our warrs and why o serious and their allies are our enemys... you can add their names couse are not to important and i forget them.

3.Roma Surrectum disapoint me with their double gaming they was trying to have pact both with us and with our enemys and me after discovered and confirmed their dirty game declared warr on them after all this time of farming them and their requests of pact. Also thi RB that fly and dream the world with they 20 and something lionel messi of grepolis :p

4.Cant say who will fall soon in my opinion becaue here are a lot of MRA's, but is normal that will fall one of our enemys, this for sure...

Anterrabae From DKBT

1. Our alliance is doing really well, we got the first conquest in the world, and are moving in to take a nice amount of cities in this coming week. ABP is slow going this early, especially as new players are picked off.
2. We have no wars, but I'm sure something will come up sooner or later.
3. I haven't been keeping up on the other alliances too closely, nor have I any invested interest in another alliance to be disappointed.
4. Too tough to say which will fall soon, plenty will merge, some will simply dissolve, others conquered. Plenty will go, its just a matter of who and when.

Question For Aarthus:

What Do you think about your alliance now after few weeks of Epsilon?Whats like being #1 in ABP?
2)Whit which alliance had you most Fights??
3)Which Alliance has disappointed you the Most?
4)What Alliance will Fall Soon in your Opinion??And Define why!

Aarthus From Why So Serious?

1.a)Great ally wich will rule this server.
1.b)I didnt plan on being the nr. 1 in ABP it had all to do with the highpoint players on my island which i had to hit before they hit me..
2) would clearly say Pillars of War.
3) Couldnt say. but opposit i would say i find that The Ritchie Boys do well..
4) well. thats for me too know and for others to guess ;)

Question For Virtual:

1)What Do you think about your alliance now after few weeks of Epsilon?Whats like being #1 player in World?
2)With which alliance had you most Fights??
3)Which Alliance has disappointed you the Most?
4)What Alliance will Fall Soon in your Opinion??And Define why!

Virtual From The Ritchie Boys

1)The #1 position is no goal on its own, it's just reflecting the way we play the game, nice if that comes with the #1 position but it will change a lot in the next few weeks I guess. We are a group of very dedicated players who are playing together for about 2,5 year so we have some experience playing this game.

2)I think we've hit the hardest at The Doom Reapers but that's mainly because they are near and were threatening us to send the whole ally to us, so we showed them what to expect from us

3)That would be Ace of Hearts!

4)Hard to tell, some will merge, others will fall apart and some will be conquered by us ;-) I believe the most important thing in this game is act as a team, if you're not a team, quit playing because you won't make it against the ones who do. So at the end, only the well organized will stay and the rest will disappear. To early to tell now what alliance this will be.....although....T..D..R....hahaha no, just joking ;-)
In addition to the interview:

The most disappointing also might be AOH

They send me the below message instead of defending their member who I was conquering ;-)

Legate Lanius on 2013-01-26 at 17:41
Be advised Lonely Hearts Club is under the jurisdiction of Ace of Hearts any further aggressions towards them will be a declaration of war on Ace of Hearts and her allies. Stand down now! you have ben warned.

-Legate Lanius second in command of Ace of Hearts

(Next Issue ALL ABOUT AoH vs WSS War,Maybe PiD and D12 Too)

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can you remove the stupid picture about me this is not correct and we are not using carricatures or other dirty things to offend the other players this shows the nivel and culture of our rivals... Im asking from you Slobo to be correct and to respect the others and their life and reputation or 1. ill ask to moderators to remove it and to bann you for being offensive, and 2. you will not have more interviews from AOH and me for your journal


Moved...I tough it will be funny LOL.....Didnt mean to offend anyone!
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yes if it was for yourself maybe me to will have a lot of fun


OoOoOoOoOoOoOo more petrika threats unbackable as usual........


Threats. Really aare you not the one to rage like a littel kid? Oh wait thats right your 14. Here i should post what you said. This was right after Petrika blocked hi because he kept running his mouth i mean come on you get blocked deal with it not rage to other people.

"Your so called leader's diplomatic powers have failed against me. She has blocked my communications, because her panties got in a knot. Tell her stupidity is not tolerated and she needs to grow up. lol. Tell her that I've had more cities than her, played longer than her and that she is a wannabe leader.

Have a good day!
Yours truly,
P.S. that would be the first 3 letters of a name that holds #1 in cod. Do you have 200k subscribers on youtube? I thought not. I'll spare your " leader " humility but if I wake up in a bad mood one day, Petric Gross may just find her little name being laughed at my half a million people.

P.P.S. tell her to unblock me. I like seeing little girls whine to a better player :) "

Mad much? I like how you kept calling him a girl very adult like on your part kid.


well I was told he was a girl. Pardon my mistake. And let me just get what he said.....


Stop trying to make your self look good. Just stop.

datepalm on 2013-01-22 at 19:37
nope its a girl

killroy10n1 on 2013-01-22 at 19:03
Thanks for that message i will tell my leader the message. Also it is a guy.


What was that for lol? I had had multiple alliance members tell me that he was a girl, and I believed them over one person. Everyone would do the same. Also I don't have his message but I'm working on recovering it. I just have to root through some stuff.......


Yeah I did not get to see the picture, does it look like your one on skype petrika.


I like what Virtual had to say in his interview, wonder if he has been lucky enough to talk with petrika ;)


Very good slobo haha stirring up the drama of grepolis externals :D


well I was told he was a girl. Pardon my mistake. And let me just get what he said.....

Ohh this is nice, who told you this Im not going to waste more time with persons like you that dont know what is a game and what is the respect for the other people. Enjoy all what you can and God help you!

P.S. Patrick, thanks for your comments, and for saying always the truth!


Petrika....Just Sounds like girl....Too me and I guess to others......But I`ve seen your pic and you arent girl! :) Happy??