The End

Exit strategy

so Davie.... Why would somebody talk smack but not give their IGN up ??? I think I know why ?? you know what I smell ??

chief your 1600 point city is laughable.. your like a little Chihuahua . all bark no bite.. Good luck in athens champ !!
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King David II

Once again, I am not playing in Athens, I am focusing on Theta, ok? So why don't you just go back on the playground, I have more important stuff to do than talk to idiots like you


We GANKED him? What does that even mean? You don't know how to trash talk, you can never back up your talk, so you might as well sulk back to your crappy alliance
LOL what would u like me to do , CS you ? ok whats ur in game name ? oh yea thats riiiight you use another name in game so you can talk trash on the forums!! thats why your a forum noob, what a hypocrite...
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Thanos of Titan

His IGN is DaveX88. I thot everyone knew that.....LOL

He definitely joined the WRONG alliance when he left The End. There were a LOT of better choices....but to each their own....



I think he is the dude who joined Havoc that we are about to rim... Davex88 i think
Nope, I just backed the wrong side.

For the record, I am in no way, shape, or form related to King David II. Nor would I want to be associated with him or General Sen, ever again, in any way.
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