The Einherjar Of Valhol! Our Valkyrie's are searching for you!


Greeting's and salutations mortals,warriors and gentle people of athens US26,

We are The Einherjar of Valhol, those whom have seen great and glorious combat,and have been chosen by the divine's to rise again to fight at their side come Ragnarok>_<

If you believe you have the fortitude, the courage, and the mettle to face the challenges ahead, and laugh in the face of your adversaries!
Then we welcome you our brother's and sister's with welcome arm's!

We are a Democratic, Theocracy.........our founders have been blessed by the devine's own hand's to lead us with their wise and noble council and sagely wisdom! This having been said , every warrior in our ranks has a voice and ours is an open door from the highest to the lowest each warrior is valued equally no one will be left behind (unless you go inactive for weeks on end with no notice!!)

IF you are "golden finger",wallet warrior,casher, elitist or any other wise undesirable we simply do not want you!! (this is nothing personal but true honor and glory cannot be bought at any price!!!)

We will accept anyone who is 900 - 1k points or near enough this is a bare minimum, decided upon by current members! any one else will be directed to a sister alliance to train up /level up ...

We are currently in negotiations for an alliance team speak 3 server which is multi game if you do join you will be given the info any discourteous action to current persons on said server or from any other game will result in a ban from the server for one week no questions asked!! on the second infraction you will be discharged from the alliance...

Real life calls more to come later...... may peace of the god's be with you all and may the wind allway's be at your back!
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lol, 1k points. I hear MRA. You should probably also post the ocean if you are gonna do this...


Whoa.... that is a super long name for an alliance!! Good luck!