The Devils Rejects


I just thought I would get the message out as to what the alliance expectations will be so everyone can decide now if this is the alliance for them. A good number of us have been playing together for some time and we will stick to the plan we have grown accustomed to. The remainder players have our full confidence in your skills and look forward to getting to know you better.

• We will not be pacting with a bunch of alliances
• We will not be agreeing to stay out of oceans
• We will not be looking to make friends.
• We will often be dominating alliances much bigger than ours and will need to depend on everyone to be active.

When peacetime is over we will only take in new member based on ABP/DBP not points or city count.

How to find yourself on the target list
• Inactivity for 48 hours will likely lead to you being rimmed
• Vacations should be posted in the VM listing
• Players that want to be individuals rather than team players will be asked to leave the alliance
• Spies…..not worth mentioning

Reds= First Priority
Brown= Secondary option (be smart with these)

No rankings or titles will be given out, mainly because they are stupid. Everyone will be able to grow and play at their pace as long as they are active and a team player. Our profile will not include what constitutes an act of war, mainly because it is stupid as well. Play the game to have fun


If you are interested in joining an elite alliance, contact me in and I will send you a link to start