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Welcome to the third issue! On this issue I will talk more about the first ‘world war’ of Delphi’ (Coalition VS Pillars of War & Titans). We are now moving to the 10th week of this world being opened up, and also about the first week of the start of the massive war. On this issue you will hear from some alliances in the coalition and from PoW. Which side started on the good side? Is the coalition falling apart already? Are Titans and PoW turning into defensive cities only? You will have to be the judge of that for now.


First of all an interview with Kameleon one of the top leaders of Legion of Death:


1. In your opinion, what made a 'world coalition' be started to take down PoW and Titans?

Titans were far superior to anyone in this world when they subdued SS. No one alliance could have stood against them on their own. Legions was a loosely grouped MRA with enemies all around. Necromongers were fighting for control of their ocean as well. PoW was just gaining a foothold, but it didn't take them long to explode like wildfire. Most of the others were also just getting started, but Titans was already strong. They had first pick at kickball, and the rest of the alliance had tons of training to conduct.

2. Do you believe this coalition will be successful in taking down the PoW and Titans?

It's very unclear at this time. The world is still young. All the coalition alliances know it is our best shot at gaining the upper hand on PoW and Titans. Our adversaries are impressing us on the daily, so win lose or draw it will be a fun world to play.

3. If the "Coalition" is successful in taking down PoW & Titans down, which of the remaining alliances do you see going to war?

I can't speculate on that at this time. I appreciate how well our teams have banded together and I would hate to go to war with any of the alliances involved. If we are successful, I hope there will be new enemies to subdue.

4. It has been mentioned that PoW is a better alliance than Titans, do you think this to be true?

Both teams have impressed us. PoW packs a helluva punch, that's for certain. As for better ... that's truly a matter of perspective.

5. Which alliance of the 'coalition' would you say has been the most helpful in fighting PoW & Titans?

Necromongers, Incognito and Federation of Buccaneers (and their academy) have all been great. We owe a lot of our successes over the last few weeks to joint attack forces and defense forces from members of all of those alliances.

Next up we have DBEzMadEz one of the founders of the healthy Vegetables:


1. Vegetables moved up the ranks to number nine alliance of Delphi now. Do you see your alliance moving up further in the ranks?

Come rain or shine, Vegetables are always still growing. There is no doubt that we will continue to produce mad veggies and propagate wherever the soil is lush.

2. In your opinion, what makes a great alliance?

What makes it great is really a subjective issue depending on who you're asking. Personally what has made Vegetables great for me is seeing the growth of an alliance that I think everyone under estimated. Greatness is passed down through players and leadership. Vegetables have a strong core of both.

3. A "Coalition" has been formed to take down the Pillars of Wars & Titans. What made you guys be part of this coalition?

Technically we are not part of the "coalition". We have immediate bonds with many of the active alliances and various others associated with the group. Vegetables have always tilled their own fields and chosen which path to take to the farmers market. Thought goes into our choices, as it should every alliance.

4. Do you believe this coalition will be successful in taking down PoW & Titans?

Anything and everything is possible. For now, the war is BP for anyone who wants it. It is too soon for me to judge whether or not this will even be an issue later on in the worlds progression.

5. If the "Coalition" is successful in taking down PoW & Titans down, which of the remaining alliances do you see going to war?

Vegetables are always prepared for war. They are even pretty skilled at starting them. Who with? That will be decided when it becomes an issue. I could see Legion alliances and Federations butting heads if they no longer share a mutual enemy. A grepo world without war would not be interesting and would not remain that way for long.[/spr]

Very interesting, technically not part of the coalition..

And now last but certainly not least, another interview with zDrunkMonkey from the mighty Pillars of War:


1. Obviously you know that a 'world coalition' has been formed to take PoW & Titans down. Do you believe this coalition will be successful in doing that?

I don't

2. What made you guys not be part of this coalition and remain a good Titan ally?

The Titans are good players and took down Savage Subjugation. We probably would not be here if it weren't for them.

3. In your opinion who is winning this world war right now?

Feels like us - we're having a really easy go at Legion of Death. We just took 2 more of their cities today and it feels like we're either rimming or making someone either flat-out quit or go into VM every week. After a while that gets

4. Do you believe PoW are better than Titans as some have been mentioning on the forums?

No - the externals for this server are full of all kinds of crazy nonsense.

5. Which alliance of the 'coalition' do you see as the biggest threat, and who do you think will be the weakest/easiest to take down?

Icognito's probably our biggest threat. I think you can just lump the rest of them into the weakest.

I usually don’t like short answer but his war straight to the point which was pretty good.

Player - In the Spotlight
On this issue I wanted to change it a bit and talk about one player instead.
Lucky one chosen!…


He is founder of the 5th ranking alliance of Delphi, Incognito. They also are ranked the same in fighting BP, which is not bad. HazzardWarning just went into VM mode for some reason? Leaving his alliance to fight the beginning of the ‘world war’ (I hope he left a good player in charge). To me he seems to be some what ‘unpredictable’. He has been doing what some might call “smack” talking on the forums about his enemy alliances. Nothing wrong with that since I do enjoy that entertainment every now and then. The reason I decided to put the player in the spot light on this issue was because I got a ‘leaked’ photo of what might happen in the future after the ‘World War’, after I got the photo from a anonymous player, I decided to try to talk to HazzardWarning possibly try to interview to see his point of views but I got a different response. (Also says why he went on VM mode). Well you guys decide what to think of him but here is the response and ‘leaked’ photo!

Response to me:

Leaked photo:

Two way different type of personalities in these messages.

World War I Score

CoalitionPoW & Titans
Note: Colonizations of each side against the other at time of posting.

To make things a bit more clear to everyone, the scores shown above consist of details given to me by a coalition leader: ‘Coalition’ consists of the following alliances: Legion of Hell, Doom & Death, Incognito, Necromongers, Fed of Bucc, Lock-On & Lockdown. (Veggies Opted Out). And the colonizations also are from the date the ‘Coalition’ was ‘officially’ made, after 03/11/14. Now whether some alliances want to claim that they did not defend some cities or some were to far, that is of no importance, the score above is the score as accurate as I could do it. Also note that Lock-On and Lockdown are no longer existing alliances, but they did loose cities while they were part of the ‘coalition’.

Now I will also like to talk a bit more about the Titans and Pillars of War score. Total they have taken 24 cities from the ‘coalition’. Individually PoW has taken 17 cities while the Titans have only taken 7. In losses, PoW has lost just 3 cities to the coalition while the “mighty Titans’” have lost 22 cities to them! In comparison, the number one alliance, Titans, are not doing so great next to there ally, PoW. Now I have read that the Pillars of War were doing the real war in this and it looks like it’s true! Titans may be depending on PoW to the fighting for them! Or maybe it is part of the plan for PoW to do the attacking while Titans rely on defending. Either way it does not look good at all for the slacking Titans. Looking at the grepostats, they have been conquering smaller players, in-actives or internals. Scared possibly? I can see them going down if they don’t pick that slack. Seems like the tables did turn on them. But it is still early in this war and will just have to see how it ends. ((HazzardWarning did mention this))

World Map
Here is a map showing most of the alliances in Delphi.

RED: PoW & Titans
BLUE: ‘Coaltion’


World War in Images:

A brief description of the World War I (in Images)

After Titans and PoW take down SS, the Legions Commander daggrius sent the founder of the Titans, 50cents, a messenger to request them to offer them to merge and 50cents respond was:

Making Titans and PoW prepare for a battle against the biggest LEGIONS of Delphi

The big war began! Titans and PoW VS Legions

daggrius began to realize that his massive numbers were not going to be enough to take them down!

He the commanded his generals to send the best at them! Making them pact with the other top alliances of this world to go against the PoW and Titans!


Thus creating the biggest war in Delphi! Armies in the thousands! (LOTS OF BP)



Now you may know how that story ends. Will it happen here?!


In this section we will have some of the top alliance who are gone now.



Savage Subjugation

Pinky and the Brain



That's all folks!

Unfortunately that's it for this issue.
Please leave all suggestions and/or questions below. If I am “missing” something please feel free to let me know! Happy hunting and see you next issue! Note: Delphi Lottery was cancelled since not that many players were interested in it. Lucky number was 149 though. And if you feel I am wrong about something, feel free to contact me as well.

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Watch your backs! The Legions should Take incognito NOW


PS thanks for writing - more good info


The biggest problem with this paper is that it recognizes each alliance individually. Titans and Pillars of War act as a single unit, and although each alliance has different interests we fight and die together. A Titan victory is a PoW victory and a PoW victory is likewise. So when you say the Titans are "slacking", understand that we may be playing a more defensive role at the moment. We've funneled thousands of biremes into saving multiple cities both PoW and Titan. If that is slacking than i guess we're just naturally slackers.

Overall I'd say this newspaper is very critical of both sides. I came here to check on world events, not for gossip or to see smack talk about my opponents.

However this is good writing and a fine job done by Matangi. Can't thank you enough for the work you've done.
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Special guest appearance by niko.paterakis who has this world in the palm of his hand.


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I must say you are amazing at making newspapers and I hope you continue to pursue this.


Good for HazzardWarning to be planning his future already. thisisgrepolis


I can't wait for issue 4, Matangi is such an amazing writer.


New newspaper will be coming out soon! I know some of you want to know what happened to the 'mighty' Titans!? Well inside info has been given and will be on the newspaper. Stay tuned!


New newspaper will be coming out soon! I know some of you want to know what happened to the 'mighty' Titans!? Well inside info has been given and will be on the newspaper. Stay tuned!

when is soon? :p