"The Coalition" An Upsilon Story (*PnP*)


Part 1...

The Hive's bee's have been busy... Minding their own business... Working hard to make a living as bee's do...

Then one day... A fringe alliance looked at the map!

They spent days and nights studying the map... Thinking that the answer to success must be in front of them!


Then after weeks of intense study sessions... They saw it....




Hmmm.... What to do... What to do? That's it! Back to the strategic study room!


Then after weeks of intense study sessions... They realized the answer, yes there was only one answer...


But what's this? To many friendly bee's....


Then they knew; they couldn't win. They whimpered and cried... Alas, doom is at hand! But then like a flash of lightning.... The answer arrived... They had the key... The key to success! That key was to form....


They searched far and wide and found friends...

They said....

And so they made more friends....

Then the time was finally at hand... They had friends and together they would
the bee's and send them


"WAIT!!!!!!!!", they said!
"WE HAVE A HUGE PROBLEM", they said!

To bee continued!


Sounds like "the coalition" had it all figured out. Can't wait to see how this story ends!


The "Coalition" thought they could beat the bees...but were they really ready to stand up? Find out next time!


HA, this is funny... I will BEE back to read the finally later. I am just BUZZING with excitement, and I know the ending already! I think the "Coalition" need to mind their own BEESWAX anyway... They don't want to get STUNG! :p


"The Coalition" An Upsilon story - Part 2

...wait for it.... wait for it...

Meanwhile.... The bee's knew something was up... It might have been the yelling and screaming and cheering off in the distance... The roar of the chanting "Bee Killers" from afar.... Or it could have been...

Bravo06 said:
Bravo06 on 2013-11-14 at 23:14
This message is being sent to the leaders of the following alliances:

The Raging Krakens
The light of Erebus
havoc alliance
The Elder Gods

We believe the time to strike The Hive is at hand. At least 4 of the alliances listed above have already been attacked by The Hive and / or are under attack now.

We would like to strike at The Hive at 0400 Saturday morning. We would like to do this with two types of attacks. The first are the diversionary attacks consisting of 1 slow transport with a slinger each directed against a soft target (city under 3,000 pts), preferably in Ocean 45. If we can get each alliance to sacrifice 3 slow transports and 3 slingers each and have each of their transports directed against a different city, The Hive will have to defend against 21 attacks. For them to be credible, they should be launched by three of your larger cities. Most of these attacks will have to be launched tomorrow evening, so The Hive will definitely see these attacks coming, which is fine.

It is the second set of attacks that will deliver the real message. Ideally, we would like these attacks to be launched no earlier than 0100 Saturday morning but all timed to arrive at 0400. These need to be large scale attacks designed to wipe out the target cities' defenses and, where possible, throw them into revolt - even though we do not think we can take any of their cities yet. This is designed more to get the Hive's attention than anything else. The four alliances already in contact with the Hive should attack a minimum of two target cities each.

We need you to post your target cities in the coalition forum no later than 1600 tomorrow so that we can deconflict target cities and make sure that no one launches a diversionary attack against our real targets. (If you do not have access to the coalition forum yet, please shoot a note to Jello666 so that he can add you to the access list. If we do this right, we will launch 21 soft attacks at diversionary targets between 1900 and 2300 tomorrow night and 8 hard attacks between 0100 and 0400 with all 29 attacks scheduled to hit as close to 0400 as possible.

The second half of our strategy has to be our defense. We cannot afford to be defending ourselves against intramural squabbles within this coalition. That means whether or not we have an established pact with all of the alliances inside this coalition, none of us attacks another coalition member until we have The Hive sorted out.

More importantly, we cannot allow any coalition cities to fall to an attack by The Hive. You all need to have cities producing birs, swordsmen, and archers and fast transport ships to send to coalition members under attack by the hive. For this to work, we have to defend each other's cities as if they were our own. We have to frustrate the absolute devil out of The Hive at every opportunity and get inside Keltset's head. I have just launched 15 birs to support mohitsenapaty of SHADOWGATE; if we can get 5 more cities to do that, it will definitely get their attention.

This should be enough to get the discussion started, but we need to make it short and then get moving. Please share this with as many members of your alliance as you see fit.


The Elder Gods

Maybe not... It must have been the chanting in the distance... Either way the bees were on the alert! So they decided to offer free memberships to the gym to all it's busy bees!

They transformed over night ---
<<< That's right- We Workout!

Late in the afternoon one day... "The Coalition" stealthily launch's their 15-20 hour attacks first. That's right! It's time to get inside Keltset's head!


They assault in full force!


The pounding is getting inside The Hive's heads... And it just continues and continues on and on...


Oh NO! What's The Hive to do? Can they take the continued barrage of endless attacks?!?



Just when The Hive couldn't take the endless attacks day after day... What's this? A NEW FRIEND joins "The Coalition"... They support their new friends with heavy fire!


"The Coalition" REJOICES in their victories and brags to the world about their success!

clb15522 said:
The score is Hive 1 Elder Gods 1
We are gaining footing not loosing footing.

But what's this? More "Coalition" deceit and treachery? To what cause? Why lie about the numbers?


Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of "The Coalition" An Upsilon Story to find out if The Hive can survive!


lol me likeee

EDIT: Kelt, you saved the forums
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Yea no kidding homey, this fresh server's forum has become as active as Eta's forum which is a ghost town now. By the way great strategy "Coalition", really killing the Hive with all that BP...thisisgrepolis


I really hope someone brought this to clb15522's attention. Though I am sure he is holed up in his mom's basement sucking his thumb all upset that his Coalition is the laughing stock of Upsilon.


lol. i love the attack... be honnet kelset... you re scared aren t you?


lol. i love the attack... be honnet kelset... you re scared aren t you?

We are all afraid, not just me. We take extra precautions now and send the little and elder bee's out of town. You can feel the fear and panic in the combs of the hives...


We are all afraid, not just me. We take extra precautions now and send the little and elder bee's out of town. You can feel the fear and panic in the combs of the hives...

I'm sure the knowledge that I'm on your side might help ;) /sarc


Let the record show that Havoc Alliance is an impostor and is not in any fashion HAVOC.


Havoc has never been part of the Coalition.
We considered, but respectfully declined.

Head Councilman