The Black Crusade


The Black Crusade is recruiting active, dedicated members. We are not an MRA. We will accept only those who have the determination to succeed and the willingness to do what is necessary to build a powerful alliance and challenge those who think themselves "untouchable". This alliance is not for care bears, you want to farm inactives and make your profit that way? Were not the alliance for you. We want people who will take the fight to our enemies and defend our members an allies. If you value honor and glory in battle and have a thirst to succeed, we just might be the alliance for you. We are a new alliance so i dont promise you 100 members and chocolate covered rainbows, but if you are willing to work to build the alliance search The Black Crusade or message Mlownz for more details.


It is a pleasure to hold a pact with you guys. Hope you do well in your recruiting.