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Hello all you beautiful people that play Mu (or that just read the forums). As promised, I said I would do a newspaper/newsletter type o' thing, and here it is. The first episode of the Bi-Weekly (I may end up doing it monthly) Muws! (See what I did there? :) ). If you have any suggestions for what to add into the next episode please do let me know as this is my first time doing one of these things. Alas, here she is!

Top 12 alliances: I figured I would start things off with a quick review of the top twelve alliances.

1. Mount Olympus:
Starting off our list we have Mount Olympus. Based in the oceans 55 and 54, Mount Olympus only has 86 members, yet they have the highest average out of all the alliances, with an average of 51,271 points per player. For being one of the newest alliances, having been around only a few weeks, Mount Olympus manages to have already reached number 4 for alliance attackers, finishing just after Heavenly Sword. Mount Olympus also comes in at number 7 defenders. This seems like a highly aggressive alliance, and with good leadership and good commanders, I can see them being WW contenders, if they dont fall apart somehow.

2. *The Raptors:
Coming it at number 2 we have the Raptors. Number 1 attackers, these guys are based in 66 and they have it on lockdown. Due to their war with BoB however, they have been slowly moving into 65, taking ghost and small towns along the border of 65 and 66. Lead by Lasav, leadership is kind of iffy, as Lasav tries to lead BoB more than his own alliance, and is known to lose his temper very quickly. However, the Raptors manage to maintain their spot as the Number one for ABP and number 3 for DBP, making them the number one alliance fighters overall. With the highest member count of any alliance, and third highest average, if they do not get wiped out by BoB they could easily be contenders for the WW. (And vice versa)

3. Band of Brothers:
Stationed in oceans 65 and 75, Band of Brothers come in at number 3 for alliances overall. Number 2 in ABP's and DBP's, BoB is an active group of fighters. With most of the group from Gamma, they have lots of experience, however they picked up some of the best from LOI, Argos, and Demacia along the way. With strong leadership in The Celt (formerly RoryTheGreat), if the Raptors dont do them in, they could also go all the way.

4. *Macedonians:
Macedonians are part of the Raptor Coalation, and they are stationed in 56 and 57, right below MO, who they are warring. Number 1 overall for DBP's, Mace has been getting hit hard, but they have been hitting back, coming in at number 5 for ABP's. Paokakis leads the way for Mace, and he seems to know what he is doing. If Mace can come back against the odds and bring down MO and their pacts, who knows what would become of them. WW winners? Probably not, but they stand a chance.

5. Memento Mori:
Coming in 5th we have Memento Mori. Stationed in 43 and 44, they share 44 with TGR, but appear not to be at war, and they have no competition in 43. Lagging behind at only number 12 for ABP's, this alliance appears to be alive only because they haven't made any major confrontations yet. If they can continue to live in peace, they may thrive, but a war with TGR will probably bring them down, at least in my eyes.

6. The Grim Reapers:
Coming in right behind Memento Mori is TGR, the same alliance that shares 44 with MM. Standing at number 7 for alliance attackers, TGR were part of the group working to bring down HoH before HoH merged. I feel like if TGR went to war with MM, MM would fall giving TGR full control over 44, which would be a good decision at least in my eyes. I have never talked with their leader so I cannot judge them on that aspect.

7. Mount Doom:
The Academy for MO. See MO ^^

8. The Outlaws:
The last standing branch of The Outlaws, this group has slowly receded out of 56 and 55 to move into 45 and 46. I do not know their intentions, but at number 10 for ABP's if they are in a war I am not sure.

9. The Dark Brotherhood:
This is one of the alliances standing since the beginning of the server. Once at number 1, this alliance has slipped back to number 9. However, they manage to stay fighting, at number 6 attackers. Surrounded by larger alliances and with iffy leadership (At least it was when I was in Demacia), if MO decides to turn on them after the Mace war, it could spell the end of this alliance.

10. Inviolabilis:
Inviolabilis is an MRA that manages to survive on the outer rim with no resistence. They will probably stay in their own oceans and stay out of any conflict possible. With members from 34 to 65, I don't see them lasting if a war heads their way.

11. Heavenly Sword:
Formerly SoK, Heavenly sword is slowly slipping but maintaining. Number 3 attackers, this number will probably slip as the bigger alliances head into wars of their own. Having lost 1 million points, this alliance I cannot see lasting until the end of the world.

12. *Ghost Elite Pirates:
I know nothing about these guys except that it looks like they are a branch of the Raptor coalation.

Well that wraps up that first part, now onto the second. Wars. As you all know, Mu has broken up into a North vs. South, WW Mu kind of thing. These wars started when *Macedonians decided to go to war with OoC. This was when MO was first originating. Now, OoC then decided to join MO, along with HoH and SoK and I believe one other but I cannot remember. Thus, MO decided to go to war with *Mace (All of them). So far MO and MD have managed to capture 29 cities total from Mace and their coalation. However, on the flip side, MO and MD have lost 10 cities respectively, giving MO and MD the advantage thus far with 3x the conquers. I've Ben heard from MO leadership that some Mace players have actually rage quit mace because they were bein hit so hard.

Now as you also may know, BoB recently went to war with *The Raptors. This war all began because Lasav began to have his men colonize and take small cities on the 65/66 border, like they were told not to. We could argue all day about who broke the pact, but I dont want to. Long story short Lasav and The Celt both say that the other betrayed the pact, and the alliances go to war. Right off the bat, BoB manages to take 6 cities without any raptor resistance. Shortly afterword, Raptors launch on one of Kadz cities deep in enemy territory, and manage to take it. Lasav celebrates having taken one city (The score is still 6-1 at that point), and messages all of BoB saying "We will destroy you if you don't leave in 24 hours." Well, only one person leaves. Lasav sends out two more MM's trying to scare BoB, but it doesn't work. Raptors quickly manage to take two more small cities from two less active players, making the score 6-3. However, BoB has since taken 4 more raptors, making it 10-3. However, the greatest achievment by BoB was at the Wall 16. The Wall, belonging to DGeneral, has been under constant siege since the war started. For 4 days in a row they have been hammering it, and BoB hasnt lost it. Having stopped 8 CS's and killing 3K LS of the raptors, the city still stands. The war continues to go on, and Raptors have been slowly taking more small and ghost cities on the 65/66 border, since BoB has been sniping all their CS's thus far since those 3. The winners of these two wars will be the WW contendors in my eyes.

Grepolympia: as you all may know (hopefully you do), there are no Olympics this year. Wrong. There is something even better than the Olympics, the grepolympics! Who cares about regular Olympics, regular Olympics doesn't get you double BP's. grepolympics is is simple: you sacrifice your men to train your athlete. Each unit is worth certain TP's, and you use those to level up your athlete and make hi better. I figured I would give you all a simple guide so thy your athlete can be as good as possible and get you the most laurels. The first leg of grepolympics is the hop lite race, which I will be focusing on. The best unit to train for this leg is jollities. Tey are worth 30 TP's per unit, and you can send 20 of them to train, making them the best. I've you get your TP's you will want to use your TP's in a 3:1 ratio, giving Endurance and Spped the 3, and Strength the 1, as strength is least important. Continue to train your hops continuously and you will be set.

Get your laugh on:

Farg from the EN server made the following piece:

The top 10 indications you're a Grepolis addict.

You find yourself accusing animals at the zoo of multi-accounting.


You don't permit the holidays or photograph sessions interfere with timing attacks.


Surprise wealth beyond imagination doesn't distract you from defending your cities.


You sleep by your computer and set your phone alarm to go off every hour to check for attacks.


Even though you're attending all of your classes, your grades are dropping.


You are highly resistant to going on your family's annual vacation.


Your toilet is also your computer chair.


Your girlfriend's Valentine's Day Surprise for you goes unnoticed.


Major life events become blurred with your Grepolis life.


You find yourself going to extreme measures to prevent spies from seeing your cities.


For now that's all I have. I was going to add interviews but I never got around to it this time. This took me a very long time, and I do appreciate +rep.


Ha! Good stuff FF! I think you missed your calling.....can't wait for the gossip column......lmao

Oh, and better start interviewing the Raptors for when you get the first Obituary entry up......heh......



lmao, i had a laugh with those pics. Specially about the spies.


I love the bias slant on this.

You need to review the score again and those cities you took were being drained for the negotiation that we were doing with The Celt to turn over cities and you took advantage of that. Try to get your facts straight. For someone that talks about honor, you certainly went back on that during the talk and gained 6 free easy cities that was going to be turned over.

I haven't seen a single one of you take a fortified city ever. Please, keep bragging about the inactive cities you're taking and the cities you're taking in O75. Please, do keep bragging, it amuses the hell out of me.


Couple things:

1. All news is biased in some way. Go watch Fox News and tell me that isn't right wing. Go watch CNN an tell me that isn't left wing. All news is biased slightly.

2. You're pretty audacious to talk about our honor, considering you MM'd all of us to brag about how you had moles in our alliance.

And I checked and the score is 11-5. So we've each taken two cities since I posted that.


Ah, those 6 cities were freebies as I've mentioned again and these other cities that you've conquered are inactives.

Hey, if that number comforts you at night then by all means, please do keep track of it. LOL


Haha I was just about to comment about how inaccuret this was. When I realized, meh. Be biased all you want, each of those alliances know who they are not what other people think.

Great list though and pictures are to die for haha!


I admit, I do like the pictures a lot. :)

I totally would pay attention to the woman though.....


Don'tcha think it's about time to update the list Fermenting?


Sadly I will not be making another of these as I have to leave Mu due to RL time constraints. Ill be keeping one small city in north 65 so I can watch the action. Best of luck to you all, go BoB!


Haha I was just about to comment about how inaccuret this was. When I realized, meh. Be biased all you want, each of those alliances know who they are not what other people think.

Great list though and pictures are to die for haha!

Better late than never, he nailed nailed IW. If IW were even halfway decent you would have blown little LSB out of 35 a long time ago...easily. Even RD members will admit that. IW was the least warred alliance on the server and LSB was perhaps the most warred alliance...should have been easy. At any given point since August of 2013, LSB was at war with at least 200+ players (MO coalition + IW and so on).. Shouldn't have been hard.