The Athenian Issue Two: Athens devolpment


Analysis of the alliance 6-10​

6. Aggressive by NATURE 840,000 points 8,500 point average.(2nd biggest alliance in the AEG.)

This alliance has been consistent Top 10 alliance and might be the Dark horse that will rise to the Top 5 sooner than later. based in 64,65,75 they are 5th in ABP and 8th Overall. They seem to have the same problem as many alliances in the region, they are surrounded by pacts or strong alliances to every side. The next move they make is crucial if they don't act soon they will slowly sink or face the fury of a nearby alliance. Their is rumors from Aggressive Empire (refering to the group not the alliance which is the academy of the 2 main alliances in the group.), that they will attack Fallen Angels which is the second and only Alliance not including brother or sister alliances To be 1st in 3 oceans. (Route De La Mort 54,53,64) FA is first to a total of 4 oceans.

7. Fallen Angels 820,000 points 10,400 point average

Taking out Better Angels quickly and Chaos Society they control 63,53,73,62. They are surrounded by easy on the rim targets. They have the #1 attacker which is impressive that an alliance not in the top 5 doesn't have the top 5. They seem a little arrogant and hungry for cities even from even big groups (hint AEG). Not many allies maybe non. tazman gave me a feeling of overconfident, prideful etc. when talking to him. He clearly trusts his abilities and know what he is doing. These guys are probably one of the better groups with several experienced members.

8.Sword Play - 770,000 points 7,800 average points

based in 67 and recently took over Demeter League Branch 77 in 77. They seem to be the guys who will hang in their and survive on the rim but being part of A.S.S makes them a new target. They are surrounded with different alliances ranging in size and strength. Being on the rim they might have to face the fact that they will lack defensive knowledge and CS attacks will be painful as this has never happened in their alliance and poor defending later i the game equals lots of cities lost. Luckily for them being Allied with A-12 means they will probably have some members who have helped snipe OI CS's.

The Sanctuary -630,000 points 6,500 average points

Academy of A-12 Based in mos of A-12 oceans they are almost impossible to find on a map and is probably the least experienced alliance in the top 12. They have almost nothing going for them and carrying dead weight is their speciality. they are based in 57,56,47. They are protected by the A-12 alliance but they are one of those alliances that look good but will eventually fail.

Elite V- 540,000 points 7,300 average points

based in 45 and 55. They are the gateway to the south and Through them you can see the vast Elite controlled southwest. They have allies to every side except for the 45-55 and 44,45 border where the Organization, Tigers Claw and Mountain Lions reside. They seem to be in a constant state of members moving in and out of different Elite alliances. I am not sure what they're planning but they are fighting as much battles internally as externally and most people are wondering when this unstable monster collapses so we can pounce on the opportunity to make havoc in their oceans.


Interview with dechampion666:

Where do you think your alliance will be in a month?
i believe Sons of Liberty will be a top 15 alliance if not a top 10

What are your core values for a good alliance?
Be active and Learn, we only have about 4 Inactives (excluding a few who are on VM), i personally set up our "FAQS" tab, while a more experienced player created another education tab (combined 7 pages)

How is Delta different from Athens In terms of size, politics etc?
well obviously size is smaller, but the main core from Delta is the same, except a few leadership changes

What are your personal goals for March 1st?
to have at least 8 cities

Are you at war with any Alliances Currently?
Elite III and V

How do you feel the world will be affected because of the current Delta players in US26?
The organization and The Seleucid Empire (which we are allies with) have a chance to play a part in the end game as of now with the Delta alliances

Looking at the world from your view can you match 3 alliances in Athens besides your own to an equivalent alliances in Delta?
Big cat brotherhood
The Mountain Lions -> The Fighting Hive
Tigers Claw -> mixture of The Illuminatus/abbadon
Lions Claw ->mixture of The Illuminatus/abbadon

Sons Of Liberty -> Sons of liberty
Sons of LIberty II -> Sons Of Fermentnation

Interview with Forswanked:
Our alliance will be #1 for some time due to the huge start we had.

Top need for a good alliance are coiners; 2 core values are team efforts in attack and defense, but somewhat inefficient but equally necessary the allowance of input from members.

Alliance size is 50% smaller so merging becomes less of a future possibility - this infers a number of strong alliances at the end to rush to complete wonders.

No personal goals - its a game.

Not at war today, but it is a war game.

I don't think this world will be affected by Delta players since the major coiners of Delta have not joined. I can just match two Delta alliances in this world.

Don't think you can slack off on the job do you!!

Alliance Obituaries​

There have been quite a few disbanding of alliances this week.

Glory who was in oc47 and oc37 and Demeter League 77 (who was in oc 77) Merged in Alter and Sword play.. I don't know anything about the details. I tried to talk to some of the people that merged over there to see if they were happy with the merge but I got nothing.

Alliance X and The Crusaders have merged and made Oblitus Imperium. This was because of the war the was ignited between Alliance X and Alter half of the Crusaders wanted to also go to war with Alter and the other half didn't so half merged the other half merged into any alliance of their choosing. So I contacted some members of Oblitus Imperium to see if they were happy with the merge and how things were running (I messaged members that were from The Crusaders and Alliance X).

Top 12 alliance wars

I'm going to start with the Better Angels war. A week or two ago Fallen Angels and Better Angels had a falling out and split not sure why but I'm guessing because of arguments between leaders (because that happens often). Anyway they went to war and it seems like Sons of Liberty, Sons of Liberty 2, The Seleucid Empire, The Aggressive Empire, Aggressive By Nature, and Ruthlessimmortals took the opportunity to attack Better Angels, so after a week of fighting Better Angels gets demolished. Now the question is the massive brotherhood going to get a new member in Fallen Angels or are the going to turn their guns at Fallen Angels? We will see soon.

Now the Oblitus Imperium V.S. Alter of the Twelve Gods, Sword Play, The Sanctuary. So far nobody has gotten much ground there have been a lot of failed cs attacks on each side, but right now I would say Oblitus Imperium is winning if you look at grepolis stats you will see that Oblitus Imperium is winning. Here is the scoreboard so far:

Alliance, cities conquered
Oblitus Imperium 6

Alliance, cities conquered
A-12/SP/TS, 0​

A-12 and allys still have time to stabilize but until then Oblitus Imperium will keep taking their cities I'm sure by next issue we will have a clearer reading on how this war will end.
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Better angels has merged into SOL

you can add SOL III to the list

fallen angels, we have not marked red


so what will issue 3 consist of?
Top 11-15
Still need interviews but thinking of Interviewing Alliances of the NW. Lion Claw/Unknown/INVICTUS/Tigers Claw/The Organization/ROYAL ALLIANCE/The Elite Academy


So when is issue #3 coming guys? Are you shooting for a weekly article or bi-weekly maybe?


Issue 3 should be a compliation of the organization's "Allies" that experienced a problem with a "Spy" leaking reservation information to enemies


Issue 3 should be a compliation of the organization's "Allies" that experienced a problem with a "Spy" leaking reservation information to enemies

Where the members who left committing Attrition or is this some sort of Merge where the guys in 64 go first and if so why is TO not kicking half their alliance into an academy?