The Astartes


LOL I know it's the latest I can possibly join a premade or something but I guess I need to pass the time while the world opens so here's my little write-up on myself.
Im interested in joining your alliance. Although this is only my second world back from a veeeery long break from Grepolis due to real life...I do have SOME experience I guess. My previous username, which I used on the .EN servers, was ryu0806. Don't bother checking grepostats, I already did and apparently my break was long enough (1-2 years) for my page to get deleted. I guess you'll have to take me on my word that I WAS ranked in the top 100 in both abp and points as well as being ranked 1 in my ocean. However, I guess if you scour the internet you COULD find something on me :) I played on the server en.Delta mainly, before I quit. It was a conquest world, so I'm not used to revolt yet, but I do understand the mechanics of it. I have led a top 5 alliance in en.Delta, as well as being the leader/founder(?) of my current alliance in Pi. I'm looking to join a tight close-knit group for this world, and taking a break from all that leading :p I do have a skype, and I am active.

Gimme your skype now! DO IT!
Via message, don't write it here. :D