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Where's did all the friendly banter go too? Must have exited with the ghosts. Other than that, this world has been a
Because the previous one was well received by everyone (2/2 people surveyed supported it) I have decided to make another.

BREAKING NEWS (Except not really because this happened Friday):
Theonejoshmon is back!

In other news, there are now several major powers in the world, not just MMC and Boop/Illuminati/Whatever they're called. They are as follows:
  • MMC- Absolutely despised loved by everyone, MMC still holds the #1 spot for points, still beating Boop by 2,000,000 points. As expected, MMC still maintains their #1 attacking alliance. However, this is not to say they can't do defense, as they hold the #3 spot for defending as an alliance, down by only 900,000 BP.
  • Boop- Coming in second pointwise, Boop's off mourning their chances of ever catching up to MMC pointwise now that The Sniper God (PRAISE HIM) has returned. They're down 900,000 points in attackers for 2nd place and as defenders they hold 4th at 2839199 to 3042164. For those of you who can't do maths, that is Infinity points below MMC.
  • Next is Ren and Ren 2, coming in 3rd and 4th for attacker, but 1st and 2nd for defender, as to be expected. Offensive wise they hold 1/4th-1/3rd the number of points as MMC. They're like cockroaches, they just won't die...... (Kudos to you for that)
  • Shout out to Knuckle Bone and The Rum Pirates for being acknowledged as powers, but like North Korea compared to the United States, USSR, or The Sniper God (PRAISE HIM!)

In more other news, seems MMC and Boop both have slowed growth recently, likely due to IAs, unless they finally dropped from lack of sleep, which is entirely possible.

In even more other news because I just won't be quiet, Ren, Ren 2, KB, and Setarip Mur finally got some offensive BP, which is amazing because it means they actually feel comfortable not being on the constant defensive, which means that MMC and Boop are slacking off. An anonymous member of MMC had this to say in response:
"hahahahahaha. that's pretty good."
No members of Boop were immediately available for comment.

This has been, that random fake news reporter that you all loath worship as the Prophet of the Sniper God (PRAISE HIM). If this somehow gets positive reviews, perhaps I will make another.

Notes from the author: Last time I attached a meme to the Appo Times, and so this time I have decided to step up my game. I've attached three and will say this: If anyone has a meme they would like made for Grepolis, send me a PM in-game because I'll see it a lot sooner than I will see replies in this thread. If the idea is good enough, I'll post the meme in the next Appo Times, if I ever make one. Otherwise, I'll just add it to this thread by itself and credit the author.

DISCLAIMER: This newspaper or whatever this is, was created with the sole purpose of amusing me because I have nothing better to do at the current time. It does not in fact reflect my views of what's going on in the world. If this offends you, don't look in this thread. Then you won't be offended. (It's like MAGIC)

Kill all the people.jpg Quit Grep.png Sink All The CSes.png

Colossus of Rhodes- THE MICKEY MOUSE CLUB

Temple of Artemis- THE MICKEY MOUSE CLUB

Lighthouse in Alexandria- THE MICKEY MOUSE CLUB

Hanging Gardens in Babylon- THE MICKEY MOUSE CLUB

Pyramids in Egypt- THE MICKEY MOUSE CLUB

Tomb at Halicarnassus- THE MICKEY MOUSE CLUB
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Yeah well with less than 300 players left in the world that wouldn't be hard. The minute their wonders were done it started the countdown to end the world