The Ancients vs Helghast


I'm pretty sure Daedalus or someone would start yelling at us soon if we continued in the Top 12, but if we stop the new life would quickly die, so...

Zenima,only 3 players was involved in taking your city.We do that for fun!.You had,what?40 support incom AFTER our CS?!?!Lol...
Please,no excuses.45h of attacks,7 top players,a lot of small players and you fail to revolt ONE city?:eek:
So much about timings..thisisgrepolis

Did you even read my post? I commended you for taking my city (and complained about them being late too). Sure, a million things could've happened differently, but it happened as it happened. I'm not complaining. And yes, only 3 players were involved, and that CS attack...shame, just shame on me. Just for starters, I should've had that sniped. >.>

1 - Lets define what I mean mean by effective, I'm sure most would agree. This is a WAR game so battle points would be the best indicatior of effectiveness. If we were playing sims by all means you have outbuilt us, there has been no denying the building points you have. But for every point we have, we kill more. You even showed us that stat yourself. So how is it your twice as effective as us on the player level again? We're looking for stats here, showing that your points are more effective in combat than ours. If you can show that, sure I'll admit your better.. not until then, your just buying your success and we all know it.

I have referred to ABP far more often than points, no? Heck, I only referred to points once in the entire post. Perhaps I didn't make myself clear, when I said we were nearly twice as effective per player as Helghast, I was referring to ABP per player, not average points. Average points is more like thrice as effective, but I think that's more of a disadvantage myself. Blasted morale, the best thing that came out of my vacation was that it doesn't affect me too much anymore.

2 - You admitted to having a NAP/PACT with the top 4 alliances.. now we're fighting the top 2 plus others. You say we're fighting 11,12,whatever? Well yes we're fighting everybody (well most everybody) glad you picked up on that. Your alliance, 15 mil. Our alliance, 5 mil. So you've got 10 mil on us. Our secondary enemies nearly add up to the same size as us, and not a single one do we have a 10 mil advantage on. You can't even begin to try and say you have anywhere near as hard as a battle as we're fighting and enjoying, so may want to try and use another angle as this one will fail every time.

I think I did use a different angle. You're fighting a fraction of us, although, at the same time, we're fighting a fraction of you. I should do the math on that sometime, I wonder how it would look if we just used who was actually fighting. Any chance you can give me the names of those who haven't taken a city, but still helped in some way, shape, or form? I'm sure I could find out myself (and I will be finding out as much as I can), but it would help if you could. :)

3 - About your city, sure - effort is great but city ownership and teammates that can time is better. However, I'll drop this one as you gave respect for the takeover. I will not reply to a nice complement by being mean, at least not now. Thanks for the respect, I'll pass that on to Ron... always fun to have some positives in the propoganda we spew out here :)

I now like you, and can tell this will be fun. Let's try not to go overboard, eh? :)

4 - As far as trading EN usernames, do your homework and find them out yourself. We already know who you are and where your from. Now you go out and do your homework like my original post requested if you want the same info from us. If not, thats fine too it really doesn't matter, right? This is the only world that matters now. I was just trying to give you something to look into that would have interesting results should you try and succeed. May make it sweater for some of you, maybe not.

I have to wonder about that. You say you know, but for all I know you could be lying. Why don't you tell me what you know about me through PM?
But yeah, as you said, it doesn't matter how well you did on past worlds, this is a different world, with different people, speed, numbers, etc. I've seen people who were number 1 for ages in one world die in a week in another. Well, not really, but I hope the point got across.

5 - As far as who will win, thats a good question. It could be TA, it could be some random alliance that doesn't even exist currently, or any other number of the Top 10 that work diplomacy to their advantage. Because, after all, winning grepolis after we moved into the 2.0 version became who can sim the best, not fight the best. The title "winner" really is up for grabs. We're just going for "most effective", "most annoying", or "one hell of a fight". Winner would be ok also, but not our primary concern as we want to fight.. and thats what we're doing and will keep doing until we kill you or you kill us. And if we kill you, Flippy over there can be next.. I actually hear he has some skills in leadership and combat, but have yet to directly interact with him at all except for this random side comment.

Honestly, I'm betting on the alliance that doesn't exist yet, though at this stage, anyone can "win". Not that I really like that kind of winning, but unfortunately there's no other option. Curse you Grepolis Devolopers!
By the way, when you say "you," are you talking to me, Athanasios, or The Ancients as a whole? It's kinda ambiguous.

Funnily enough, I feel our core has shifted east. Which is sad really, cause you guys (and me too) are to the west. Maybe it's cause all those easterners are spamming the chat every single minute lol.

And dang with short messages its hard to find stuff to harass each other about.. much easier with text walls.

Did you miss me? :p


lol.. you are gonna lose son

Hopefully Helghast learns a bit more about tactics so we can actually feel a bit of "threat" in your statement.

You guys want some tips? I'd like to make it a fair fight at least.


this is funny
did TA bring Clean underwear for this war?