The Anathema


The Anathema
is looking for active players in the southern part of ocean 45. We are a new alliance, founded in Knossos, whom with perseverance, motivation, and support plan on coming out on top.

PM me for a Direct Invite into the Alliance

Alliance Member Prerequisites


Being active is crucial not only for the alliance but also for yourself
~Must possess a brain:
Sounds easy right, you will be amazed
~Knowledge of Grepolis
We are not asking for experts; Know the difference between your defense, and your offense, and be willing to learn along the way
Obviously, when you are 2000 pts. and only one city; don't attack a 10,000pts. city.
~Must be within reachable distance in o45

Soon you will learn
Why Every evil,
is Anathema

PM either TleClair or Slingingdope101
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Good luck to your alliance.
you should have an automated script or something that just puts that for you. Must get tiring writing it all the time, especially when you don't mean it. But i appreciate the luck and i will take it as is. I understand you have to get your senior citizen status :)


I do mean it, why do you say that? Senior citizen status? On the forums? I am already past that.


I don't know the order the levels go in, but yea. But if you mean it i accept it, we actually aren't doing that bad. The world is still young tho. Getting a little more exciting, got an attempt for a conquering on my main city when i woke up this morning, was already in siege. But we got it.

Oh and can't forget the internal takeover by another member of an inactive and the day the conquest attack is sent they come back on after 7 days.

Just been a fun couple of days!