That's it?


No other alliances are looking for members?

I joined a small alliance which has another member on my island, but I don't even have access to the internal forums - in a non-conquest world, what's the point of an alliance besides chat and education?


To have fun attacking people as a group and to protect you from getting farmed as often as you would if you had no alliance.


So let me get this right:

Additional notes about Hyperborea
You are still able to attack and destroy troops belonging to other players.
You are able to colonize new cities.
You cannot conquer a city owned by another player.
You can conquer ghost cities

Other players can attack my city, but not conquer it?
What is their incentive? Do they get what I had in the warehouse? Do they get anything else?
Can they sink my Colony Ship? Do I need to defend it if I'm only colonizing unoccupied or ghost sites?

Thanks for any insight; I'm a new player, and much of the info seems to be based on a pvp environment. Forum posts seem to describe Hyperborea as a "sim" environment, but it seems there is some pvp involved still.


Alliances in my ocean presently have 72, 60, 55, 22, 14, or a single digit number of members. Is it important to seek out one of the larger alliances, or is growing with a smaller alliance recommended?