Thanks for the fun!!


Hey guys new to the forum, first time on them actually... Love all the trash talk pretty funny stuff. Anyways just wanted to say hello and thanks for he fun.. Everyone I have dealt with "enemy" or not has been really good sports and I appreciate the gamesmanship. Few exceptions here and there since the beginning but looks like those guys have gone the wayside. Good Luck moving forward and may the best team win... 8)

Also It's kinda slow moving in here, I caught up a few days ago and there is hardly any new smack going on or its all outdated... Lets get it rollin!!
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Nothing on here matters. What matters is what goes on in game. That's why there's nothing new.


Welcome to the forums! :) Any questions just ask but don't ask me because I will not answer them! ;-)


You don't even play this world

So what? Does it mean that I am not allowed to post in this section? I don't think so. This thread is not even about what is happening on the world...

I am simply giving good advice to a new member of the forum ;-)


He used to play this world, until MCD got taken out by a "coalition" of three alliances, or really 3 alliances that were all at war with each :p