Tgiving Break

I am not going to mince words but I found out there is no Thanksgiving Break this year, I am sy but that is complete Horse Crap and INNO shoud be ashamed of themselves. It has been a huge help to all who have families and gatherings and want to step away from the game instead your going to not have a break just because of greed of gold and purchasing gold and hoping players will play.
This is why Grepo is going down hill and this is from a longstanding player, dumbfounded... I want too appeal to the MOD here to appeal to those in charge because this is total BS of the highest degree. Or please bring the Game Admin on to explain himself or herself

Wow, yeah, what in Hades is that all about!? I mean, come on, give us a break already.!. What a bunch of ill considered horse crap.! Inno, what a colossal joke of a gaming platform, get it together already!.!


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@Al the Conqueror The information that you were given by Support is correct there will be no Peacetime during Thanksgiving, I can only apologise for any inconvenience.

Please there is no need for you to spam the external forums.



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@Al the Conqueror I hope that works out ok for you.

I remember that happening on an EN world some years back, an agreement was in place and a couple of rogue players just couldn't help themselves and randomly attacked other players. Needless to say they only last for another 24 hours on that world.
EN players are a tad more shady but any way its another reason this game is declining and I am sure there might be a rouge or 2 but I think we will be fine.


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Hi o/ as you asked for an explanation in here, I figured I should provide one.
So quite simply, this was mostly on me, and due to a variety of factors, we won't be offering a peace day this year.
I apologize personally for the issue it causes to anyone, and I have taken steps to ensure that any future major holidays will have both the day approved, and also have a forum post announcing it so people have time to prepare.
I am aware that does nothing for anyone right now, but unfortunately, I cannot provide a good solution, so ensuring that any issues like this does not happen again is the best I can currently offer.