Tevinter Imperium

Slifer RS


˙·٠•●Tevinter Imperium●•٠·˙

The Tevinter is much more than just an alliance , or a place in the world ranking. Thanks to Electro Art's project we've created a family with a lot of opportunities. We try to make this game look better.

What you can find here:
First we've developed a new way of administration in our alliance we've created ,,The Tevinter Codex,, that explains every thing that a player should know about our family.
One of the best thing is that every member has rank and a position in our Empire , we've created a new mode of member

The new intern system called Olympus is tested in our aliance.

Have you ever dreamed about being a Gladiator , so now it possible join us for more information.

The most important part is that we realy care about our team , so if you are a member you get a special Profile pictures that shows how loyal you are to us.

We already have an official site and trailer , it'll be translated into English and put here. Hope every one will enjoy.

Official Trailer

!!!Waiting for you!!!
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I am almost shure :p
But everything can happen.
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LOL... So in otherwords, we just need to send 100+ attacks at Zlutan and Slifer and they will both ghost? Hmmm... Wonder what my picture they make for me will look like?


good luck to you guys looking forward to another server!