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It all started in early May when Picnic Bunnies was born. VIRUS, realizing they needed help to even stand a chance against them, turned to M.A.C.O. Defenders, the 3 alliance MRA who rules ocean 34 with 15 LS attacks and unescorted OLU waves and doesn't know what timing attacks even means. This coalition worked well at first, VIRUS managed to take the few Picnic Bunny cities in their core and M.A.C.O. continued the status quo of losing cities at an alarming rate.

Then, something amazing happened. The intelligence level of the coalition was redistributed by osmosis, and some members of VIRUS got stupid... very stupid. This scientific breakthrough of intelligence redistribution was discovered on the afternoon of May 31st, which started out as just an average day. Then, thesweetpain decided to send out an MM to show off his very basic knowledge of English and desire to have BP handed to him...

When he got no response or attacks from this message of his, he realized that he may have to step up his game and actually follow through on his promise to take a city from Picnic Bunnies. I will let the following reports do the rest of the talking...



Notice the level 25 wall, yet he uses his flyers to try and clear the city for his CS. Needless to say, the CS failed (We must have been online after all).

So, in conclusion, VIRUS is in a downward spiral, and everyone near them is getting easy BP as they get closer and closer to ghosting out of this world.

Honorable mention clearing attacks...


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Good BP for you guys.

Intel says VIRUS is up 11-5 against you though. What's the deal?


Intel says VIRUS is up 11-5 against you though. What's the deal?

5-11 isnt much to shake a stick at, but here is explanations for each city... Overall I would contribute the score being in their favor to the cities we had in their core when the alliance was first starting out. If you don't count those cities we lost in their core it is 5-5.

Our Gains-
Took WTF DID YOU EXPECT on 5/10: First city taken on front.
Took 44.02.04 on 5/14: Second city taken on front.
Took 017 on 5/16: Third city taken on front.
Took 021 on 5/29: Fourth city taken on front.
Took Sorry Wolfix on 5/29: Fifth city taken on front.

Our Losses- (6 in their core, and 5 on the front)
Lost 44Dacia 6 on 5/6: We had 3 members at that point and the city is in VIRUS's core.
Lost 3.2 Arabesca on 5/9: In VIRUS's core.
Lost 44-D05l on 5/9: In VIRUS's core.
Lost 44-D07l on 5/15: In VIRUS's core.
Lost -44.07- on 5/16: In VIRUS's core.
Lost 44-D08b on 5/16: In VIRUS's core.
Lost 44Dacia 15 on 5/16: First city lost on the front.
Lost 44Dacia 18 on 5/18: Second city lost on the front.
Lost 44Dacia 19 on 5/20: Third city lost on front.
Lost Sorry Wolfix on 5/22: Fourth city lost on front.
Lost teav 44-023 on 5/27: Fifth city lost on front.


Eh 5-5 isn't really anything. For the amount of time you guys have been fighting 5 cities isn't much at all.

We've take 53 cities from Fallen and they have taken 0 from us (and yes we have several cities in their core they can't take)....those numbers allow us to talk about how bad Fallen is. If it were 5-5 I'd say we need to focus on taking more cities, not making post about how we're kicking their butts with an even city count (minus those core cities of course)


Yeah, kinda hard to get CSs to stick on the front for both sides. Flyers are in the air every time no matter what for both sides. This PnP wasnt bragging about us kicking their butts, it was making fun of them for trying to clear our LTS behind a 25 wall with flyers and OLU hits with tiny escorts.


Spoke too soon, new score on the front is 7-5 us. and if all current sieges survive it will be 11 - 6 us

Update: Ended the day 10 - 6, they got one of our CSs, but we took 5 cities total today.
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