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    May 24, 2015
    Grepolis Player Council, second term.

    End of may 2018 the Council members for the second term were selected and in June most of the members where pressent on the Beta forum and on Discord.

    We all had to agree to the Code of Conduct, also with the terms of the NDA, so in this statement you will not find anything that should not be public at this moment.

    Why this statement made by the GPC, second term, we will explane to you, the players.

    The purpose of the GPC is to forward ideas and suggestions from all the markets that are reprecent by chosen players to Innogames and to be a additional Feedback Channel for Inno.
    Also come with ideas/suggestions to improve the game and advice Inno about changes or improvements.
    Common goal is to improve the game so that players enjoy it.

    The tools for the GPC are an section on the Beta-forum where the GPC can put the ideas/suggestions from their markets.
    Confrence call with Inno staff, meaning the LCM and a member of the development team.
    Q and A on the forum with both.
    The GPC have their own Discord channel to debat the ideas or brainstorm over big issues linkt to the game and everything that belongs with it.

    What is the status at this moment regarding the GPC.

    1. No commitment from Inno staff

    2. No responce on questions, suggestions or ideas for the last three months

    3. Ignoring the GPC by bringing big chances to the game without even asking for advice

    4. Not keeping promisses

    5. No communication about this term, when it ends, is it already ended, will there be a next term

    6. Several members left the GPC and/or the game due to point 1 – 5

    Without any possiblity to communicate with Inno staff since november 2018 and also no updates on the Devblogs since september 2018 gives us great concern about the future of the GPC and the voice of players in general.
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    This statement above does not reflect the opinion and experience of all GPC members, it was posted on behalf of whole GPC without prior consent of all Inner Council members - please take it as an unofficial statement or personal opinion.
    Since this version is already out & unchanged you may have questions and concerns, I will keep an eye on this thread.

    I wish representatives of Innogames would finally share their vision about GPC future if there’s any... before frustration takes the best of us.

    GPC Term 2 should have ended in November, but there is no closure ever since because we are left alone with our questions, without a deadline of any sort. It is hard to evaluate a program even for participants this way (based strictly on the signs and the last period, the above statement covers the main problems), easy to forget the results, good things.

    I am very disappointed in how the Innogames representatives lead this 2nd Player Council, we all started with great enthusiasm but the lack of response and attention killed the spirit on long term. I would not recommend other players to participate unless Innogames made visible efforts to share their passion and create a real program (deadlines, fixed events, roadmap...) in exchange for the high expectations that we have had to fulfill (NDA, weekly reports and participation). It is a missed opportunity, because during the productive months more players participated on forum, they visited it just for GPC, we opened community chats - the game still has a big fan base that truly cares but without real interaction with the company, developers a Player Council will never function like in other games - currently it seems like the Player Council had no practical use other than good appearance in front of community, but without a bare minimal effort to maintain such a program ‘these efforts’ will backfire by time.

    Unfortunately US market didn’t have a good start with GPC, because the elected Term 1 candidates coudn’t join the work due to a communication failure (our previous CM’s mistake) and Term 2 doesn’t seem to end as we don’t get info from Lead CM. Before Player Council was introduced and if I’m not wrong.. it was exclusively Community Manager’s job to forward community feedback to the company and developers. We barely have any surveys, so safe to say it was CM’s own discretion which ideas were selected. I don’t question CM’s good intentions, but is it even possible to find out from a few forum posts what would the majority of players prefer and is that true for other markets? Player Council puts this work into active players’ hands who are not affiliated by the company and are not responsible for how feedback is used (= freedom) but are interested in the result (= motivation), win-win for players. Too bad that communication is the hardest part here... otherwise it is a cool idea to get players involved and has many good precedents in other games.

    The period that I meant to sacrifice for ‘making the game better’ has beyond ended, I’m only here out of courtesy to look for a closure. Hereby I want to thank everyone who helped, suppported me in this work, I hope you enjoyed our discussions! I eventually quit playing 2 months ago, it was a tough decision, but necessary. I hope you enjoy the game just as I enjoy sleeping without alerts :p
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    I am really sorry to read this. I had high hopes you all could make a difference.

    Thank you to the GPC members for your work, time and effort. [​IMG]
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    Anna, the Lead Community Manager of Grepolis posted this message today on Beta forum:

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    Well that's unfortunate [​IMG]

    Thanks to all of you in the GPC for trying to make a difference. You represented our community well. Only wish one day the same could be said about the people calling shots in Innogames.