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Discussion in 'Alliance & Recruitment' started by Matt Raguse, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. Matt Raguse

    Matt Raguse Guest

    I have create an alliance that I assure you will become very powerful. In the first 15 days that I have been logged in I have gained 1300 Points.

    We are looking for more alliance members, just respond to me and I will invite you. I check every day. ;)
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  2. :eek: you have gained 1300 points in 15 days :eek: I had 3000 points in 15 days.......
  3. Alucard.

    Alucard. Guest

    I make 3000 points in a week or perhaps something less lol
  4. slobo.c

    slobo.c Phrourarch

    Jun 19, 2012
    Gold User huh? :D
  5. Without premium..............
  6. TaskCo1

    TaskCo1 Guest

    It depends on the speed and commitment level. Delphi (.en, Speed 3), for example, I conquered probably 2-3 after beginners protection ended (5 days) with a 3.5k city. Only premium I used was admin at the time.