Spartas big finish


For all those sleeping away in their cities in Sparta till the world closes, a mighty battle took place yesterday/this morning.
The 2 titans of Sparta squared off in a battle for the ages. One Wheel of Infamy wonder city spike owned by GOS, taken on the 09-09 and been stacked to the heavens since.
While it was surmised this had little effect to letting anyone else get another win in Sparta, it was left alone, until 1 week ago it was decided WOI would make a show of force by reclaiming this city. As OCD as dates would come, 12-12 was set to become the day of recapture.

Facing an epic battle, the stacked GOS city was held down tight with LTS, numbers highly populated to the tune of 18k bir and equivalent to 70k+ defensive troops, behind an active player with 25 wall/tower and all the buffs, round the clock CP spelling, and was not afraid to throw a little shiny coin at the wall when needed. The task was mammoth and seemed impossible, especially when more support could easily be called in.

The op was set in motion to attempt a clear and revolt at 20:00 on 11/12. The planner was up, with some 460+ attacks added over the course of pre-battle day. We were going all in, attempted brute forced entry. Even with this many attacks, with progressional defensive ratios this was still no easy task, with most initial hits causing little effect for the investment made.

I'd spent nearly an hour in the simulator, roughly calculating hit by hit, estimating worst case scenario about how many LS were required. Reaching 30k LS with more bir remaining i was getting pessimistic, however the week had been spent well preparing for the fight.
Locked and loaded, with fingers crossed the numbers gave some positive luck, Armageddon was unleashed.

In the first 120 seconds of the timed hits landing, the harbor was near obliterated, leaving little more than 1500 bir in harbor after initial LS strikes.
But it was far from over, the city was yet to be cleared and the insane defense ratio behind that wall was slaughtering our cats, olu and myths, even when all got through from another clear path of harbor.
Support kept rolling in, mainly in the form of another bir nuke or 2, impeding the attempts to clear the city further. Yet persistence was maintained, the city was to spend the next 18 hours getting pounded every few minutes by practically the WOI kitchen sink, while GOS blew the horn of helm hammerhand and summonded every able ship and soldier they could muster to hold down the city from intense pressure.

With the wall finally coming down and dlu dwindling, the first revolt striked in the early am, around 01:33 some 5.5 hours into the war.
Cross revolts started coming in but so did support, it was a true blood pool on both sides. GOS held their ground, for the next 12 hours fending off what they could, but the might of WOI just overwhelmed the city in the end, and it was purely time that was originally holding the inevitable victory off.

The city was reclaimed. An exclamation mark to the victory WOI had gained in Sparta, and why we are the powerhouse we are.

Credit where its due, GOS put up a great fight, some 2.5 million battle points (as per grcrt site) exchanged between WOI and GOS over the last 24 hours. One of the most epic battles I've been a part of and seen on the US servers.

Good way to see the world out!