Southern Alliance is STILL an MRA


Like I said the only thing they have actually done is helping you'll spread us thin. Lets be real, the two of your alliances are 4 times our size, yet we have not only managed to defend against all their attacks and take their cities, but we have also managed to sink most of your CS attempts. For an alliance 4 times smaller than you, I'd say that's pretty good.


"Most" is more than a little gracious. You may have sunk half if that. MS is up 16-0 (only 5 of which where from inactives and two of those we sunk GR CSs in) with a few CSs in harbor as we speak. I know for a fact my alliance has not sent 32 CSs total let alone on conquests. We have also forced 2 players into VM now, one of them being a previous top 5 player.

Like I said to you earlier about SA, you took 1 city off of a semi-active noob and then cities off of players that had quit. Taking cities from a player that isn't there is really easy, even if your Conquests are being hit. Their alliance doesn't know when your CS lands which is the best part of having active members when defending. The over all score between GR and SA is 7-2, honestly not great for how long the war has been going.

Yes, they have mainly been spreading you guys out more, but like I said, SA has been "dead" for several weeks now. My point was they have some life on the eastern side and should be down much more than 7-2 to you as they have even more stacked against them than you do.


There's definitely an MRA like alliance in Gythium. But I don't think its SA/MS. ;)