Advanced (Smudge) MGS: Raiden [PS]


This tutorial shows a simple and elegant method of creating a smudge signature. I marked it as advanced because in order to get a good result, you need to:
  • be comfortable using a brush to smudge and blend elements together
  • know how to create/manipulate clipping masks
  • know how to create gradient maps
  • be willing to experiment (save often!)
  • tolerate typos ...

NOTE: For the step that mentions using a PSD file for the displacement filter, what I did was save a cool texture stock image as a .psd file, and used that for this step. Read more on the displace filter here.

My result:

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I am a huge fan of this one Rclay! Great job IMO! I have tried to do something with this exact render multiple times and for some reason I always have had trouble.