Sin.Drome is another JOKE

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Someone attack us and actually give us some competition please...


Sin.Drome's leadership made some big mistakes. Once upon a time, they were one of the top alliances, and were looking like they were really going places. Then they made 2 grave errors. The first error was "join us or die" recruiting methods. People just don't feel the same loyalty to an alliance that recruits that way. Most alliances will take in enemy members if the relationship is good for everyone, but to systematically approach enemies and pact members and strong arm them into joining is just plain weird. The second problem was breaking long established pacts for no good reason. They broke a MAP with Burning Bridges, then broke the NAP with BB&B less than two weeks later. What were they thinking? Their alliance was surrounded by new enemies they used to share islands with! Now they have a war to fight on two fronts! Insane! At this point, the alliance has little left to offer it's members. They can't attack, as they are too busy dodging attacks from two superior armies IN THEIR BACK YARDS. (Superior as in numbers- I'm not making a value judgement on the quality of their members.)