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Updated tutorial with better Gimp instructions for gradient maps. Thanks Charl!

OK... I cannot work on this pic any more. LOL

I have my own tutorials to follow in photoplus. I forgot how much it can do!


Looks awesome! What is photoplus? I haven't heard of that before.


Serif PhotoPlus. Its compatible with adobe and its plugins at about 1/3 the price, less if you subscribe to their website for a special. It also runs in unison with WebPlus, its more for website design. Both programs are free to use and learn with, but it publishes with a watermark until a purchase is made. It can be overcome if you export thru the Webplus (good enough for this stuff). Between the two programs I have a lot of tools to use.

in case anyone tries the program. WebPlus will freeze if you save all the assets (goodies/bells and whistles) with your work. I save them all in a separate file and copy and paste what i want into my work file!
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