Signature Rules

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Signature Rules

  • No Animated images allowed
  • The Signature (as a whole) may not exceed 720px by 120px
  • Signature must follow in accordance to the Forum Rules (i.e. no drugs, explicit language, etc)
  • Ripping is against the rules. No stealing other people's work

Size 1 Text = 10px
Normal Text (Size 2) = 15px
A bb-code quote (1 line) = 65px
A bb-code quote (2 or 3 lines) = 80px
Spoiler = 65px
Everything within a spoiler must be within the rules (posting rules and signature rules), except it's allowed to have it higher than 120 px.[/spr]
A picture = whatever height it has (viewable by right-clicking it and selecting properties)
Forum-native emotes :) = 15 px

Failure to follow these rules will result in a warning or infraction.
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