Question for you all. Experienced and newer players alike. What is your view on engaging in battle?
To give some context to the question: many players employ a dodge tactic to avoid incoming ships/troops and protect their defenders. other players see the defense as an opportunity to earn some BP and load up ("CHE CHE" as he pumps his shotgun LOL).

What is your view? Save your defenders by dodging or fight the incoming troops?


This is a circumstantial question. Come on Bayou, you should of learned that by now(;

Scenario a) You are being attacked by 3 waves of LS, but you know that one has the revolt attack. You would obviously want to dodge and come back full force against the revolt attack.
Scenario b) You are being attacked by a monster attack that will kick your DLU's *** because you used the spell on it. You dodge and make sure they get no resources but your militia swords. Free BP, with nothing for the enemy to gain.
Scenario c) A large force is coming at your city, but your alliance is supporting you well. You're not just going to dodge and let the support get hammered, so you stay and fight it out.
Scenario d) You see the enemy is throwing all they have at you, really everything. You want to take a huge chunk out of their force, even though you will loose, and rebuild faster then them and turn the tables, so you don't dodge.

As you can tell, out of the many scenarios, there are many ways to look at it and many ways to strategize. You just have to be smart and think short term, long term, and whether dodging is best or not.

Always dodge offensive units though.

I know we are kind of attacking each other, but on the forums I am happy to lend my knowledge as to anyone else.