server down?


Massive outage and no reply from Inno on Facebook, Twitter, or Forums.

Could have been handled better. Still could even now, with an explanation.


I am always thankful to find out the problem was Inno and not on my end. To my fellow US gamers a very Happy Thanksgiving. To those not celebrating this holiday I hope your day is a great one and full of happiness.


Yeah it was Inno's issue. I had purchased the top 2 advisor packages right before it happened and still have not got them. I have a ticket in but they say their records show it was given on the 22nd. Like I would have created a ticket if I had received the package. I have sent screen shots of my advisors screen and where the other parts would show up but can't even get a response now from them. I am getting a bit upset about this. Especially the way they treat the issue as a minor problem.