Savage Subjugation

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And here is our CoA:

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World Settings:
Speed 1-2
20-200 Alliance Cap
Preferably conquest, revolt if we have to
NO MORALE (but will be fine if there is morale)

Recruitment Policies: We will be taking no more than 20 people into the world with us, and that is including leaders.

There are spots for.......
0 Head Generals
1 Leader
0 Forum Mods

Sign up now and give me a resimay and example of your grepostats. Here is mine on my best active world.

Not that I play on the .en world so I have lots of friends there and will probably be bringing some people over. We don't have diplomats or recruiters because diplomacy is for chumps and recruiting is strictly done by the leaders. If you are interested in joining an alliance that will be #1 in the ABP ranks but #10 in the simmer ranks, then PM me. I will not be carrying slackers, and if I have to the alliance will be comprised of 10 good players over 50 decent players.

I have lots of leadership experience, you can ask anyone. I was the founder of the #8 alliance on Sparta and later a council member in the #2 alliance, I was the founder of the #8 alliance on Xi, and was the founder of the #6 alliance in Cythera. I've been here, I've done this, but never had the right tools to go all the way. If you think you have what it takes and can go all the way with me, then leave a comment or PM me.

And here is the motto for attacking and defending--

"We'll be doin' it our way and you'll be lovin' it."

Current Roster:
H3LL-Hunter- Founder
slobo.c- Forum Mod
crackpotpeach- Member
ninjabeatninja- Member
decky66- Forum Mod
Azura88- Member
HadesHeadies- Leader
Otachi- Member
Elrond.Lord- Member


Players that will be joining us once they finish their world:
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And just another info from me:
When Clive joins I`m out! :D


Who does.....After all I`m in OoC in Achilles u know! ;)


There's not supposed to be activity on an alliance page smart one..... it's only supposed to be used for the time before the world starts. These are the externals.