Sad state of the saxons/war...


Since Saxon chief likes to cry about gold use, has anyone actually looked through their stats to see how many of them have just simmed all server long...

They are literally opping us with 6 attacks from the same city... I dont think that would have concerned me in alpha, much less in Zakros where the distance prohibits anyone from barely even sending a cs...

Eve. THom should be nominated as noob of the day... 50th rank and 142 in bp with a whooping total of 234k... Wonder where he got all his cities from. Must be from gold right Saxon chief?

Btw when will you actually do a real op, something impressive, or are you too sad that you cant do anything but send fake attacks trying to scare us... Maybe you didnt realize it, but we run ops at different times not the usual friday night/ saturday afternoon... Be creative. Do something to actually show you guys are good players. Right now you guys are looking more and more like the laughing stock of grepolis. How did you ever win a server besides going mra and rotating the whole server?

Former Saxon motto was "We hit stuff" Besides hitting city festivals and building your cities, what else did you hit?
If you compare stats, it certainly wasnt the enemy... 30.5 million Abp compared to the "we hit stuff" grand total of 10 million...

Where are you Mini Cooper, Joey Td, and the rest... are you guys really that sad that all you do is sit and cry because we beat you? Step up and show us something. Show us some life, or go back to fairytale land of thinking your simming ways are the way grep should be played...


I think this "op" (if you can call it that) is one of the most pathetic things I've seen in my 2&1/2 years on Grepo. I've got defense sitting in cities that I want to send somewhere, but the small support I have at their targets are barely getting killed off. I was hoping for so much more.

I'm getting a ton of attack reports, but not a lot of BP. As much as Saxons Chief wants to scream that it's about gold use, it isn't. It's about leadership and strategery (lol). Saxons don't have either one. We have both.

Saxons: If this is your a-game, you will be awarded the first draft pick next season!


WHATS EVEN FUNNIER IS THAT WE ARE CAPPING THEIR CITIES AS THEY ATTACK US... Nothing like getting owned by an op against them, then counter opping and still getting owned... Oh and then we start capping their players who are attacking us...



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I would have to say this "op" isn't even an op. It is the helpless flailing of alliance gasping their last offensive breath. Do you understand you are to far away to pose any real threat? That your target selection was telegraphed so early it made this easy? Only thing Saxon/war hits is walls of bireme and a ton of dlu...

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Are you guys referring to the "op" where we were attacked with swords/archers/bir from War?

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Um Mr. Alexander Hamilton...I except your challenge but im running low on gold...wait Saxon Queen just gave me some.