ROC vs. PiD


Well, for those of you who were wondering, Punk in Drublic has taken another alliance. This time it was Re-Organized Chaos, we put up a good fight for the first day, but then in the end they won. I just want to say well done PiD and FermentingFruit. Now that we're gone the only alliance standing in their way is HaVoC. Well let's see how this possible war turns out.


What I've heard is that FORCE is gathering a coalition against us, and currently have 6 alliances. Who knows, 4 days for each alliance (I don't know who they are yet) would maybe give us a challenge for once and last more than a week LOL


I just have to ask..Decky....what were those attacks man?

At this point in the game you should be throwing at least one nuke....